Writing Under Pressure. Best Tips for Keeping Your Brain in Check

When you have a deadline closing in fast, and you haven’t even begun to conceptualize your piece, you start to panic. Most people think ahead and imagine how they could possibly finish a lengthy literary piece in such a short period of time.

Rather than giving in and accepting defeat, here are some tips for you to keep your cool when the pressure is strangling your creativity. 

Sit Back, Chill, Think

There’s nothing worse than jumping into a NY Volkswagen or piece with barely any thought about what you’re going to be writing or where you’re going with it. If you relax and thoroughly research your idea and think about the various stages of your written piece, it’ll come out much better.

More often than not, people don’t feel like spending a few minutes researching and thinking about their topic and just start writing. What this churns out is a subpar piece that will not achieve its main point.

Once Ready, Dive Right In

Once you’re done thinking about your topic and getting a proper understanding of your topic, it’s time to start writing.

Procrastinating is what got you in trouble in the first place, so if you think you can just sit back and wait till the last minute, you’ll end up rushing, which will again create a lackluster piece of writing. In addition, if you go straight into it after thinking, the information you just took in will be fresh and familiar, so you’ll be a more informed writer.

Take Breaks as Needed

Burnout is very likely if you speed through a piece, which is why it’s important to take a step back occasionally and recharge the think tank. Not only that, but if you  speed through, you’re more likely to feel exhausted and tired, which will induce more mistakes and reduce your brain’s ability to form coherent and creative thoughts.

While taking a break to eat or walk around for a bit is a good idea, playing video games or watching TV for a few hours is not a good idea. Rather than keeping your mind on your task at hand, you’ll be losing the urge to finish your piece if you get sucked away from it for hours.

In addition, when you do finally come back, you’ll feel rusty, and won’t be writing at the same level as before, not to mention you really won’t feel like writing anymore. 

A pressure situation is never a good thing with such an important and time-consuming subject. But if you follow these guidelines and online classifieds, you’ll be able to set aside some time and write a proper writing piece.

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