Top Tips for Studying a Distance Learning Course

Having to go ‘back to school’… the dreaded words. From the apprehension of whether you can actually do the work, to the concern as to whether study time can be fitted in between other commitments, studying for another qualification can certainly be a daunting experience.

There’s no doubt that taking on a qualification like a BTEC or a distance learning program can be an intimidating prospect and your life needs to be adjusted slightly to accommodate it. But it’s also important that any changes made are not so extensive that they will become a burden – it’s amazing, with a little bit of organisation, just how much you can really fit into your day and, by contrast, just how easy it is to waste time.

So, if you’re thinking about a distance learning course here are some tips to help prepare you for your studying experience and really get the most out of your BTEC or A level…

Compile a Timetable and Be Disciplined

Compiling a timetable is an absolute non-negotiable. It will tell you when you study, what you study and for how long. After you’ve organised the course into sections and sub-sections then plotted them into your timetable per week over the months you will feel assured that everything can be fitted in. Starting a distance learning course on a confident footing is incredibly important to lasting mental positivity.

With a BTEC or A level course some of this work will be done for you in the form of units or modules but you may want to dissect the units further so you give equal amount of consideration to all topics. Gather the whole course requirements together and divide into manageable bite-sized portions. If you need help, ask right away – your designated tutor is there to help you, and make sure you don’t get bogged down.

Be Realistic 

This tip is in regard to when you are able to study and for how long. Think realistically: when do you have time? Two hours every night? 16 hours over the weekend? Or two hours per day Monday to Thursday? Once you’ve set your routine, make sure you stick to it – if it’s structured, then your friends and family will also fall into line with it, making it easier for you to stick to. If you tell people at work or your friends that you are studying a distance learning course you’re also less likely to quit, too.

Get Networking

Getting involved with local businesses and clubs that are related to your course is never exactly a bad idea. It will enhance learning and allow you to study without even realising it. It can also help you get work experience placements and even a job at the end of your course.

Reward Yourself

Finally, it’s absolutely essential to give yourself a bit time off and little treats when you’ve finished a unit or assignment. After all, a job well done deserves recognition, and rest, recuperation and reward are as much a cornerstone of successful distance learning as the old-fashioned ‘three Rs’ were of primary education.

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Vital Instructions to Distance Learners for Assured Success

Education if loved by heart and soul can be obtained with perfection. Whether you decide to pursue a course by attending regular classes, or continue your work and study from home, you need to show wholehearted devotion towards accomplishing your career objectives. Some people believe that pursuing a distance learning course is not easy. One needs to manage time with perfection in order to give equal importance to work and studies. Well, there are certain points that must be kept in mind. So, if you are one of the distance learners, here are some study tips that can certainly help you meet your career goals. Take a look:

  • Contact former students – The one who has passed out earlier will be able to give you correct information as well as learning strategies regarding your chosen course. They will rather make you aware of risks or give you tips related to your course.
  • Be focused and realistic – Sometimes you might be left with little time to complete the assignments. In such cases, you might commit grievous mistakes. So arrange your personal schedule in such a manner so that you have ample time to finish your coursework.
  • Be accustomed to your course design – Prior to enrolling in your desired course, take a deep look at it and chalk out your daily schedule accordingly.
  • Set deadlines – Remember, you have to keep coordinating with your class instructors from time to time so that you don’t fail to complete your assignments. Maintaining deadline is very important for all who are pursuing distance learning courses.
  • Make a proper study schedule – No matter how pressurizing your work is, you must take out at least a couple of hours per week for your course. The more time you give, the better you score.
  • Keep testing your progress – You are the best person to criticize yourself. So, keeping your course objectives in mind, you must check your progress level on a random basis.
  • Be alert regarding study materials – Whatever course you are opting, whether MBA or LLB, you must take a note of the study materials provided by your concerned institute. Apart from watching or listening to your instructor, you will also be learning a major part from your notes and texts.
  • Set your test timings carefully – Make sure that you are absolutely confident to sit for the test. If you think that your preparation is up to the mark, go for the test or otherwise, it’s better to wait for the next session.

So, keeping the above mentioned study tips in mind, distance learners can surely manage time and meet their academic goals as well. Be honest to yourself so that nothing can stop you from reaching the acme of success. 

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