How to Write a Synthesis Essay

What is a natural gender essay and when does it begin to form as a literary genre? As one of the four natural-other genres: poetry, fiction, essays dramatically represent the mode of communication: persuasive communication by using reflection. What happens when you need to write a synthesis essay? This may get a bit complex for some so let’s take a look at a few aspects. 

Historical point of view

As a historical literary genre, the essay appears as thinking without a precise rhetoric, that is, without a series of formal characteristics that limit. In this sense we can go back to classical Greece and talk about the essays by Plato in his dialogues, or essays by Seneca in what he called Epistles. Both writers set the historical principles of the new literary genre. When writing a synthesis essay, you need to keep that in mind. You cannot forget about the specific structure and the proper outline. Yet, you will need to organize your ideas correctly. 

What are the characteristics of the synthesis essay from the perspective of the author? 

When a writer decides to communicate his or her ideas through a synthesis essay, he or she also implicitly communicates according to certain principles of the rhetoric of the essay: 

- The essayist seeks to influence the reader's opinion, but it does give ideas made (as in a treaty or in didactic works). The essayist wants the reader to adopt his way of thinking (or understand it as a possible way of thinking). 

- The essayist externalized subjectivity in the essay; this is like an intellectual confession of the author, to express a form of thinking in a brief way. The author is projected in the text, so it is common to use the first person. 

- The essayist reflects on a topic, not exhaustive, just wants to delve into any aspect of the subject.

- The essayist writes for the majority of cults. That is, he does not write for a professional, he uses very few technical terms and when used, does so in a context so the general reader can understand that. You don’t need to go for details. 

What are the characteristics that allow us to recognize the synthesis essay? 

The shape of a poem or a story is usually enough to recognize it. To differentiate an article in an essay published in the same newspaper, we need to read and understand the characteristics of the essay and the article. When it comes to an essay, it is important to consider reflections in the article - we are interested in data, straight to the point. 


The essay is usually written in prose of moderate length (rarely more than 30 pages long). Why we talk about books of essays, that is, books that gather several essays that can be read independently. 


Essay length and objectives of treating only one aspect of the subject does not mean that the test is a fragment. A fragment is a part of a whole (a chapter of a treaty, for example). The essay is a way of thinking, a way of presenting a different perspective, and as this is its objective.

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