No More Jobs, What To Do After Graduation?

Finishing a career is not easy. Many questions arise, and most of them do not have quick answers, situations that you may not know how to handle and new goals to accomplish. It also means the culmination of an era of school, sitting on a bench taking classes, staying up late, studying, and so on. The highlight of this event is the prom. For some it is too cheesy for others, it is definitely the perfect occasion to share the accomplishment with their family, the time to prepare for a new life.

For many, graduating is the reward of many sleepless nights and days of frustration. You see your parents happy with your effort, but above all to feel proud of what you can achieve. Many individuals claim that it is all about celebrating this moment. They feel it is important because it is just another meaningful stage in your life, you will not see your friends from school every day, and many things will change. It is as if you practically scream 'I am an adult', you leave the bag and or backpack to start using a portfolio. You will definitely enjoy your new stage.

And after graduation

After the festivities are over, all the unanswered questions come alive. Now what? What is next? Then the options are out there, it is important to focus on seeking for work, finish the thesis, and complete pending matters, among others. Truth is, after the end of that cycle, what follows is looking for work, doing an MBA and or doctorate. It is pretty much time to give to work, the holidays are over now, it's not like asking for money to your parents is something that many take for granted. The fact is that ending a cycle of life is something that remains. Completing a career is a significant moment, because since individuals started going to school, many years pass. Let’s face it, many years go by and it is about efforts, dedication, sleepless nights and stress.

For parents, this is one of the greatest gifts they can receive! They made a great effort to bring you to the goal. Make sure you draw a plan. It is important to organize yourself properly. In addition, consider the following:

  • Ask for guidance.
  • Make a list to enhance what you like and to work on your flaws.
  • Remove your doubts about work positions procedures.
  • Master the art of body language to have a good presence.
  • Do not limit yourself.
  • Start Networking.


Avoid comparing yourself to your friend, neighbour, partner, etc. We are all different! Try to determine your goal and go for it. Being persistent will lead you to the top. The satisfaction of receiving a diploma is priceless. Yet, do not forget to live today. Yesterday is gone and it is time to work on your current destination.

Are you currently employed? Are you looking forward to getting a job  or, you do not care at all?

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