Creative Writing Courses

Young people have always been encouraged to take up conventional forms of employment that offer predictable working hours and a steady salary. Examples of such jobs include being a doctor, engineer, or a lawyer. 

Young people today are still encouraged to pursue “secure” forms of employment, but there are also more opportunities to make a good living from the creative arts such as design, music, and creative writing. Some would say it’s more difficult to establish yourself as a dominant force in a field such as writing, because taste is so subjective. 

At the same time, creative writing skills can prove to be an asset in fields other than writing. Educators have grasped the increasing importance of nurturing such talent and skill, and there are more creative writing courses available than ever before.

Factual writing versus creative writing

Factual writing and creative writing are complete opposites. While we need to get the facts and figures correct in factual writing, creative writing teaches a person to make use of their sense of imagination and look at things in a unique way. Developing creativity is important, and a strong imagination can lead to new inventions or innovative solutions to long-existing problems. Some of the best examples of creative writing are that in Jules Verne’s books, in which he described things such as submarines, which had not even been invented yet. 

Not just fiction

Prior to signing up for creative writing degrees, the impression most people have of creative writing is that fantastic ideas and exceptional perspectives all occur at will, and that the writer is merely a vessel through which the wondrous and varied collective consciousness of the world flows onto paper. This is not altogether accurate, as creative writing is not confined to fiction. Whether or not you intend to be a journalist, creative writing courses teach writers how to carry out the research required in a discipline manner, and to convey the message clearly and in such a way that the reader is inextricably engaged by the piece.

An outlet for your thoughts and feelings

You might feel that creative writing skills have no bearing on your professional life. This is true for many people, but there are also others who feel trapped and confined by a work life that they feel restricts their “true selves”. Some people might cultivate self-destructive habits to vent their feelings, but creative writing degrees are a less harmful way of learning how to articulate your frustrations and desires. Who knows, you might discover a talent for it and forge a new path in life.

If you are interested in the world of creative writing, consider a creative writing degree today. For more information or advice, visit a university and speak with a lecturer in the field or book an appointment with a careers councillor today.

Smith is career development advisor and he writes about different creative writing courses, postgraduate courses, Master Degrees available in various Australian Universities.

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