Why Homework Is Important

Homework is usually one of the things that is mostly dreaded by students. Though, it is hated by most of the student population, it is very beneficial for them and their curriculum. It has been a part of education for centuries. It is considered to be as a way that teachers employ to motivate students to devote time for their studies. It also reinforces students to learn their lessons and enhances their research skills. They also become independent learners, if they complete their assigned tasks on time. Efficient completion of homework encourages students to meet deadlines, increases knowledge, promotes self-discipline and makes them responsible.

Many people are curious why homework is important. Some of the benefits that homework provides are:

  • It keeps the students in touch with their studies. When students are not at school, they don’t prefer to study themselves. With homework in hand, they have to study and research on the topics and thus keep themselves updated.
  • It helps students think beyond what they know. Every student learns something in the class. This learned material is utilized when they revise and implement it after college. When teachers give homework to students, they have an incentive to encourage students to learn beyond what they know.
  • It enhances their learning process and helps them gain more knowledge. In doing homework, students refer to many research materials like encyclopedias, internet, libraries, etc. and with this research, they gain a lot of knowledge, thus increasing their process of learning.
  • It helps in the development of brain and memory power of students. While doing homework, students read and learn from various sources. They concentrate on their work and thus remember what they learned and memorized. All this knowledge can be applied in later stages of life.

When a student is involved with the work provided to him or her from school, it helps him/her gain more information. He or she learns those facts and figures what might be ignored in school. Students get indulged in self studying and in self motivation. When parents get involved with students in their studies, they also learn something new. They motivate their children to learn what they write and to understand the importance of their work. Parents get familiar with their children’s life and what they are being taught in school.

Teachers too have an incentive for homework. They cover those topics in homework assignments, which when covered in class will not be enjoyed by children. If parents don’t find the homework topics appropriate, they can consult the teachers. Teachers are focused on improving the creativity and thinking power of students so that they can excel in all the fields in their future life. Whether you are a parent, teacher or student, everybody has a different lookout for homework. What you feel can be very different from what other person feels. 

So what do you feel in this context of homework? Why homework is important in your opinion?  Is it really helpful or is it just a way for teachers to pressure students? Please, share your views with us to let us and the world know.

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