5 Tips on Being a Role Model in College

“Role model” – it sounds nice and proud, doesn’t it? The one who is a role model for others, arouses interest and respect, sometimes even admiring envy. A lot of people when asked would tell you they’d like to become a role model, but in fact only a few of them reach the goal and even less succeed in this image. It doesn’t mean you should give up your desire for being a role model; it means that the task is not as easy as it seems to be and to cope with it you should be ready to sweat. But the thing is worth the effort! Admiration of people around you – it’s only outside, while inside there is your strong personality, self-confidence and self-respect.

  • Think of a student in your college whom you consider to be a role model now (if not, try to recollect experience of your school life). Which of his/her qualities you consider to be the most important? Which of them appreciate other people in the college: students, professors? What are the situations when you clearly feel his/her advantage over others?
  • Now let’s proceed to the detailed analysis of your own personality. Take a sheet of paper, divide it into two parts, and make a list of your advantages on the one side and the list of your disadvantages on the other. Be objective, you’ll not lay it open for public inspection, and if properly done it will help you choose the right direction to move.
  • Look through your strong points. Underline the ones which you’ve already thought of when analyzing an example of the role model. Ponder over other advantages: how can you use them to reach the goal? They are for sure helpful!
  • Switch over to the list of your weak points. Which of them bother you the most? What can you do to control these disadvantages? They should not stand in your way to self-improvement.

Keep common sense when making demands to yourself. A role model is not the one with all the highest grades, the best achievements in sport and intellectual competitions, the best qualities… It’s simply impossible! Just try to do the best of what you have and you’ll for sure win respect of the people around, at least for the efforts.

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