A House on Fire

What to do if your house is on fire? Firefighters say that the first thing you should do is call 911.  Afterwards you should take children and the elderly out of the house, and only then try to put out a fire with your own efforts.  The fact that the situation often gets out of control and develops a well-known pattern:  in the first minute the fire in the house can be extinguished with a glass of water, in the second – with a bucket of water, and in the third – with a fire-extinguishing tanker.

Statistics show that when the house is on fire people mainly die not from the flames but from the smoke.  Sometimes when a person breathes that smoke just a little bit, he may lose consciousness and be poisoned by the combustion of synthetic materials. Therefore, while extinguishing the fire try to protect yourself from smoke by all means and if this is not possible - leave the house closing the door into the burning room as well as into the house. Without oxygen the flame may not only be reduced, but go out at all.

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