Top 10 Definition Essay Topics

Larger amounts of text, commonly called novels, not only are the outbursts of a crazy writer who has been focusing to deliver a written text. Truth is, behind any novel, text, essay, etc there is an immeasurable effort. Most readers will not know the effort it takes, maybe, maintaining a steady pace in a tale of such proportions. Or, enhanced in the internal structure of the text so that the reader does not get confused and get lost in the middle of the narrative.  Many even face times when they must get off against their own delusions. If you need to write a definition essay, you need to first choose a good topic. Read on!

When writing, you may feel overwhelmed. At times, you may even want to rewrite all or a specific paragraph. Deciding whether to cut this part, or just modify it, seems annoying. Moreover, some may need to save the charisma of a character or destroy it because it simply is not credible, because you can use certain adjective return to prose too turgid and bombastic. In short, a world that, over time, whether one likes it to give the key and create, he discovers that it is even more immense the cosmos. If you opt for the definition essay best topic, you will venture onto the imagination ropes and you will be finally able to break the ice. You can write on the following definition essay topics:

1. Cognitive Theory in terms of Adult Education

2. Communication Studies

3. Main Personal Responsibility

4. Psychology

5. You can opt for Abstract – Love, silence, life, happiness, peace, freedom, etc.

6. A Hero or villain

7. Define Political or Social Injustice

8. Define Employee Motivational Techniques and Strategies

9. Write About Time Management

10. Job Satisfaction

Many claim writing is definitely an art. It doesn’t matter if you need to write a technical text. Moreover, many still refer to the art of writing with many metaphors. All sorts of emotions arise, you can definitely write a unique essay. This will only bring benefits so start in advance. Get ready to impress your teacher. 

If you find an interesting topic, this may allow you to discover new horizons. You cannot write something more aesthetically beautiful, simple yet rewarding to oneself and the world: the payload of such a good literary approach is simply overwhelming for basking in it. You can write on many topics but it is always good to feel comfortable with the selection. The process of finding a suitable definition essay topic is not hard. Get in touch with your inner desires and emotions and simply flow. Writing can help you in many ways, especially if you are enjoying the process.

Do you feel that a definition essay is a good way to improve your writing skills? Do you believe that writing is a way to open up new doors? Are you looking for online definition essay examples? Do you feel that a specific topic may allow you to unleash your potential? Share your thoughts today!

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TOP 10 Literature Essay Topics

Writing can be more interesting than you can imagine. It is time to find your inner spirit to write a good literature essay topics. Our history displays genuine and rich art. The best literature books have been written with the heart. This is important in order to develop a piece with magnetism. You don’t want to disappoint your teacher, right? There is so much to learn about, keep reading to find out more! 

Do not forget to begin with the best outline and a suitable thesis. The rest will come as you go, this is about imagination and a visionary perspective. The top 10 literature essay topics will allow you to find the deep meaning you are looking for. 

Our society is evolving and with this, many changes are taking place. Innovations, different techniques even in media communications and so on. Literature is being left behind and many people seem to be analphabet. However, they are still behind a camera and/or a microphone. Do you want to fall into the category of those, who don’t even know how to write properly? You can select from the top 10 literature essay topics today! Consider:

  1. Job Satisfaction considering employees that are over age 55
  2. Technical Growth 
  3. Baby Boomers 
  4. Social Security
  5. Slow-Paced Education
  6. Discuss the impact of Social Networking linked to Teen Behavior (social)
  7. Write about Global Impacts in Terms of Competitive Environments
  8. Explain Mass Media & Niche Marketing techniques and Top Strategies
  9. Refer to Environmental Concerns if possible in 3rd World Countries
  10. Behavioral Treatments Vs. ADD Medicine


You need to remember some additional key points as well:

  • Storytelling 
  • Sources and themes, biographies, etc. This is like reality through the observation and the senses. Sources of fiction.
  • Functions of the narrator, construction of a character, the character portrayed by the narrator, the character portrayed by himself.

Interior monologue

Stream of consciousness, like a soliloquy, the dialogue is imperative. With the best topic you will deliver a great paper. Literary genres: police, fantasy, adventure, science fiction, myths, etc. 


The balance between emotion and technical must be considered! You need the rhythm and meter, just as when you write a poem, a haiku, a visual metaphor.

Are you ready to write the best literature essay? You can be the best writer ever but it depends on your focus! Don’t limit yourself, there is a huge universe out there, you should get going to discover fantastic essay tips. Odds are, you may come up with a brilliant idea, too.

Which are your thoughts regarding literature? Do you enjoy writing essays? Do you feel overwhelmed due to the many available literature essay topics? We are eager to get to know your own perspective. Share your thoughts today!

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Good Narrative Essay Topics

Writing is an art that we have to consider, you need creativity, freedom, strategies. Truth is, you can come across with a majestic narrative essay. Remember your ultimate goal should be to communicate and express. You can select from a list of good narrative essay topics below. Moreover, you should get in touch with your deepest emotions - everything we think and feel matters.

If you find a suitable topic, you will engage the reader and you will be able to deliver a superb narrative essay. Start from the beginning, which is obvious, but many fail to draw the right narrative outline. It is clear that each type or style of writing is different, because a narrative essay is not as a contrast or a descriptive one. For instance, it is like the shopping list, type in what you are going to say at a conference, but in all such cases, the writing seems necessary, indispensable. In case of a narrative essay, you need to connect the dots in a magnificent way. You can write about:

  1. When You Got Lost
  2. Your Favorite Meal
  3. Which Animal You Would Like to Be
  4. What If You Were Blind
  5. Your Secret Place
  6. A Detail Nobody Knows About You
  7. Your Most Interesting Animal Encounter
  8. Your Hero
  9. What Superpower You Would Like to Have
  10. What if You Were a President?

So, select the one that suits you best and work on it. You can write a good essay. By finding main concepts, you will be able to build a bridge between you and them, between your thoughts and yourself, between countries, crossing borders, and accompany someone along life through a book, a daily newspaper and in this case between peers or between student-teacher. You can certainly delight your teacher! So, there are many topics to write about. Don’t go for the same ideas always. You can easily come up with great thoughts. Remember, we think and then exist! 

So, why not using this route? Opt for a nice topic so you can stay motivated throughout the whole writing process. Why not taking your essay beyond what is written in a review onto what is known? Combine idealistic ideas about it and get going! Writing is about what it means, but it is also a manner to reach others. Being able to learn to listen and to read is a gift. Remember about:

  • The structure.
  • The composition of the story.
  • Structural analysis of the story.

Moreover, consider a course designed to develop and establish the techniques and skills of the writer's craft in order to advance in writing short stories, or, if this is your objective, so that you feel more confident before taking the step towards writing narrative essay. In short, you can learn to deepen the different narrative strategies. 

Do you think writing can help you boost your mind? Do you think you can improve your writing skills? Do you enjoy writing a narrative essay? Which are your thoughts when it comes to online essay samples and custom essay writing services? Share your comments today!

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Top 10 Cause and Effect Essay Topics

A good essay is just like a beautiful paint. You cannot really mix and match randomly; there must be a sense of proportion and many other aspects. For instance, the harmony resulting from this mixture is pretty much the main key of any good writer. It is not about floating ideas. Each thought must be combined to achieve harmony. Moreover, by selecting the best topic, you will be able to deliver a delightful, paper. More than an illusion, a real outcome!

Enough said, you know that a cause an effect essay is supposed to be written for the reader, it does link the need of illusion, discovery and hope the writer may have. Anyone can then change according to his/her own perception. How about writing about one of the top 10 cause and effect essay topics?

  1. Write about Influencing modifications to Medicare/Medicaid.
  2. Discuss the effect of SSRIs focusing on teenagers.
  3. The passage of a health program that may end up resulting in heavy burdens directly on physicians.
  4. Write about main reasons of heavy dropout rate in college.
  5. What are the causes and effect of the computer revolution?
  6. Discuss and expose the many effects of noise pollution.
  7. Explain all the causes linked to some hairstyle fad and clothing style.
  8. Write about the automobile effect considering the American society.
  9. Write about reading interventions & the sustained effects.
  10. Expose the effects that may be attributed to the El Niño phenomena.  

Main essence

You can always write a fun and interesting essay. Cause an effect is always an interesting matter and much more if you work on it with dedication. Remember that a good essay is not to lose the sense of proportion, you cannot simply allow convoluted terms of any kind of ideas and you cannot mix metaphors. The main risk is that the reader will not understand and the worst scenario, he or she may stop reading your essay. You don’t want to confuse anyone so keep it simple!

If we compare it with art, you need to display a good combination and select shadows properly. So, verbs, metaphors, codes, etc. must be chosen carefully. You can certainly write a fantastic paper, especially if you select a topic that appears interesting and profound. By simple we don’t mean you cannot explore, it is about transmitting the idea in a clear manner. You can still use rich vocabulary. Organize your ideas and get prepared to surprise everyone! Your teacher will be happy with your choice. That is for sure! Don’t fall for traditional topics that may be boring - if you opt for basic themes, you will feel dissatisfied. Studies show that students usually ask for help since they feel annoyed and overwhelmed. You don’t want to be part of this category, right?

Do you think that writing can improve your overall college performance? Are you willing to invest time looking for topics? Do you find the above cause and effect essay topics appealing? Are you open to new writing techniques?

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Top 10 Illustration Essay Topics

Are you ready to write the most straightforward essay ever? You can now create a magnificent paper. Don’t settle for traditional topics. There are many themes that may appear interesting, for everyone, including your teacher.

Whether you are a newbie or a pro writer, you can find ways to master your skills. In addition, choosing a good and appealing illustration essay topic may help. Consider selecting through the below ten options: 

1. Capital Punishments Wipe Out many Severe Crimes

2. Economic Downfall of the United States of America

3. Animals linked to research matters

4. Huge computer dependence

5. Mobile phones effects on overall health 

6. Violent video games and how they affect people behavior

7. Alcoholism as a disease for humans

8. How divorce can affect children

9. Religion and society matters

10. Global terrorism and its causes

To write a good illustration essay, you should use interesting concepts both as a means to investigate, in order to explain and to properly defend your own conclusions. Furthermore, you should think about the work examining the respective illustration arguments of opponents and you must stick to your own perspective.  

Composition of an illustration essay

Just as any other essay, you need to expose your point of view in a clear way. Simple, yet, solemn writing will take you to the top. If you are serious about your writing, don’t hesitate to ask for help. In addition, you can download example essays that will guide you well. In short, remember to:

  • Select one of the top 10 illustration essay topics mentioned above. 
  • Choose a conclusion that you think can defend.
  • After gathering data, organize your essay structure. 
  • Present ideas in an effective manner.
  • Prepare a scheme to avoid mistakes.

Highlights of an illustration essay

You need to explain the problem that is the main concern, cause and effect. This is why you should select a topic that interests you. Develop a proposal or definitive statement. Moreover, do not forget to fully develop your arguments in a comprehensive manner.

You will need to fully examine alternatives and options. You have to:

  1. Begin by introducing the question you want to answer.
  2. Explain it. Emphasize on why this is important. 
  3. What does the answer depend on what?
  4. Why others should share their concerns or should be interested in your ideas for change?

Do not forget you are writing for an audience. You are not simply writing for yourself. Everyone must understand what you are trying to reflect. Write in a natural flow and impress everyone. If you need to meet deadlines, don’t panic. Start in advance and write a magnificent illustration essay.

The above topics will help you save time. It is important to prepare an outline. Follow it from the beginning to the end. Yet, you can always make changes.

Are you ready to write the best illustration essay? Do you think the above mentioned tips can help you become a better writer? Have you ever written an illustration essay? Share your comments today!

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Top 10 Research Essay Topics

A good research essay is like a good painting, phrases like the colors must be combined in a fancy way. The harmony resulting from this mixture is the great secret of the author. It is not just the ideas of an essay that must be harmonious, they must be fresh, bright and colorful, so they can display arguments in a captivating way. An essay is written to be read, for the reader that is looking for a quality research paper or even for teachers to test a student. It highlights the psychological need of illusion, hope and discovery the author may have. In a simple way it penetrates deep while the author disappears, leaving only its imprint. 

Below you will find the top research essay topics in order to work on its essence. Keep in mind, the essence of a quality research essay is not to lose the sense of proportion, not to allow the unleashing of figures or convoluted terms of peripheral ideas of many metaphors. You need to come up with a good conclusion, so get ready. Consider writing about:

  1. The nature of totalitarianism, including the respective conditions that may give rise to it. In this case, you might want to highlight what actually distinguishes totalitarianism from some other forms of government. 
  2. Main waves of immigration that came into the U.S.A? 
  3. History of kabuki, the Japanese theater.
  4. Ways the Internet is actually reshaping our culture, its impact and consequences. 
  5. Industrialization.
  6. About China: Early Empires.
  7. About top trends in the computer convergence linked to television? Social implications for school techniques and families. 
  8. The automobile industry history.
  9. About Leonardo Da Vinci mystery
  10. Could China turn a threat for United States economy?

By selecting a good topic, you will feel amazing and inspired. This will not allow a good reflection on the reader but you will avoid the risk of boring the reader - he or she will not abandon the essay reading time. Thus, figures of speech such as paradox, antithesis, hyperbole, well managed, will give more prominence to the ideas, as the combination of lights and shadows that make a good painting.  

So, believe it or not, you must choose the topic wisely. Mix and match psychological elements, such as those related to the field of emotions, which are also considered quite essential to the act of writing and composing research essays. If the artist or writer is wrong emotionally, this will impact their intellectual output, since the word ought to be a daughter of dreams, silences, fantasy, sense and nonsense is fundamentally a daughter of emotions. 

If you follow the above suggestions, you will have half battle won. Your introduction is essential to captivate and charm the reader. This is from an opinion, a question, hypothesis, or a metaphorical thinking. 

Are you ready to go through the process of ideas? Do you believe the above research essay topics need to be accompanied by quotations, to record and support the main thesis of the essay, too? 

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Top 10 Persuasive Essay Topics

Essays are either persuasive argumentative, poetic or critical, have a global structure internally. Thus, its structure is necessary, through an outline or chart that will help us guide its development. The management of these structures will allow us to adequately plan for the management and hierarchical relationships of content. Moreover, you need to properly select the topic. For this reason, we care to share the top 10 persuasive essay topics.

Regarding the semantic structure of content, themes and subthemes within the body to develop theme, we suggest the use of concept maps, categorical maps, heuristics, super structures, to rank the categories or concepts for a guidance, which will be relevant to the thematic development of the essay. The best topic along with this plan of organization is essential to introduce a logic in the composition of the text, which allows to extract relevant concepts and baste with the ideas that they can be secondary, as well as to develop new cognitive associations between concepts. Within the best persuasive essay topics, consider the following essay examples:

  1. Should animals be used for scientific research?
  2. Are prisons required?
  3. Do you believe death penalty is supposed to be mandatory simply for people who actually killed people?
  4. Point of view linked to Russians and Lenin
  5. Facts about Indians, is it better to be naked than in specific furs?
  6. Is it ok for men to have more than one wife?
  7. Are plastic surgeries good: is this just someone’s unhealthy idea or are they good?
  8. Discuss major issues (abortion, sex, Iraq, medical marijuana laws, etc).
  9. Explain why talking about main issues (sex, abortion, Iraq, Vietnam, marijuana, etc) all the time not only lessens their importance, but even evokes irritation.
  10. Discuss the reason why atheists must be the only tolerant religion and other religions cannot tolerate each other.

Keep in mind, the persuasive argumentative essays as opposed to the exhibition should concentrate on defending a particular thesis or hypothesis in order to convince the reader. This requires a precise vocabulary, use of direct references and questions and reflections that generate expectations about the test object. Quotations should also accompany the arguments, without being excessive, which do not produce effects on the reader's disbelief and insecurity author of the text.

The essay as human thought, is an intertextual discourse, where the author's voice is expressed together with other authors. Thus, once you opt for the best topic, remember to emphasize on the freedom which is as a cognitive ability since each man has to break the symbolic order of norms.

You will be able to highlight through subjective features. After you are sure about the topic for your persuasive essay, regarding to style, it should be playful, friendly, fun, agile, attractive, a libertarian and, as far as possible, with a heavy dose of humor sense. You can develop a fantastic essay!

Are you ready to write the most charming persuasive essay? Do you believe you can bring the "dogmatic science" of rigor and formalism? Share your thoughts today.

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Top 10 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Given the nature of essay writing, many teachers encourage the use of libraries and media centers and the exchange of materials between the students, so that reading and study of genres and authors is a form of exchange and relationship. Yet, what happens when it comes to writing a compare and contrast essay? Do you feel overwhelmed due to an unexpected task? Read on to learn interesting hints. Moreover, you will be able to select from the top 10 compare and contrast essay topics!

At times, specific writing and literature classes have a fixed time to reading aloud from a text or poem. The main objective is to reinforce reading habits that may awaken the interest of students. In this way, students also learn to speak in public, improve their diction and understand concepts such as rhythm or narrative poetry, voice modulation and inhibition. However, what happens when writing appears annoying? Compare and contrast essays are just as expressing your ideas orally. Luckily, some teachers do encourage the use of new technologies, from e-mail, Internet and online resources, or even SMS messages in the proposals and the development of research and documentation. There are infinite appealing topics, how about writing an outstanding essay? Choose from:

  1. Compare the creative and fabulous work of Mozart & the Beatles.
  2. Compare the glamour rock of the past & the contemporary rock.
  3. Compare and contrast Moby Dick main characters & the known The Rime of Ancient Mariner.
  4. Compare and contrast two different plays: the known and beloved Streetcar Named Desire & acclaimed Cat on Hot Tin Roof by T. Williams.
  5. Write about criminal styles focusing on Black beard & Al Capone.
  6. Compare and contrast transformation in terms of awareness of Clyde Griffith, focus on the before and after period discussing the murderer.
  7. Write about constructions that were built in two architectural styles: the fancy baroque and the beautiful rococo.
  8. Causes of American Revolution & French Revolution.
  9. Compare and contrast the disabled rights along with the accessibility in United States of America & the rest of the planet. 
  10. Compare and contrast two political systems for instance, the U.S. & U.K.


You can find plenty of online platforms with free essay samples and guidelines. The contents of these websites are designed to stimulate creativity, inventiveness and imagination from a fast and dynamic. This is not a mechanical enumeration of content, but the learning of techniques and styles that allows each student to make his or her own voice, from unlocking the mechanisms of the imagination, reinforcing a more playful language.

Remember that after opting for one of the top 10 compare and contrast essay topics, you need to consider other key aspects:

1) Write the five senses

  • The image for inspiration
  • The sound and its relationship to the text 
  • The touch of words

2) The mechanisms of imagination and inspiration

  • Techniques to train the inventive
  • Image for inspiration (photos, collages ...) 
  • Automatic writing 
  • Newspapers and inspiring stories

Are you looking for online essay examples? Do you believe you are a good writer? What is the point of writing a compare and contrast essay? Share your thoughts today!

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Top 10 Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essays can be a lot of fun. Yes, for many this is a tedious task but it can be absolutely interesting. If you look around, you will come across with many online essay platforms and custom writing services. Are you wondering what this is all about? This arises from the need to cover a space for writing and creative writing for young people, neglected space in the curriculum and should be strengthened with incentives and guidelines for the development of creativity and storytelling ability of the debutants. You need to find an interesting topic! This is a must - a space for reading and writing from the perspective of creation can be easily reached. Read on to learn more.

You might as well start gathering data, many options are out there, even tutorials cover an introduction to basic techniques in the management of narrative, argumentative, exploratory and poetic texts. Experts pay attention to creativity as essential focus of different teacher proposals to allow the play of language as a means of expression and social and personal maturation and development of the imagination.

Below we share the top 10 argumentative essay topics:

  1. Terrorist attacks in the U.S.A.
  2. Ways to stop terrorism.
  3. Discuss human cloning and explain why this is wrong.
  4. Refer to human cloning & link it with family values.
  5. Write about how greenhouse may help and or affects as a result of deforestation.
  6. Discuss pollution, why this is like a demolition of the earth.
  7. Why anorexia is actually a cause of weight loss?
  8. Refer to domestic violence: why it should be punished.
  9. Abortion is good or wrong?
  10. Discuss media violence and why it has an extremely negative effect.


The main goal while sharing top topics, is to get you inspired. It is about "learning to write" and, above all, learn to enjoy the act of writing and reading. Thus the literary work from the disinhibition, the release and freedom of speech already working with avant-garde movements of the early twentieth century (automatic writing, exquisite corpse, collage, etc) to interdisciplinary of contemporary artistic language (ratio text and image, performance). If you write about an interesting topic, you and your readers will enjoy it.


Not forgetting the technical and stylistic matters, and knowledge of the basic tools of the craft of writing, you will be able to finally develop a great argumentative essay. The proposal to meet these objectives is based on a dynamic methodology. You should gather enough data to properly support your ideas.

The top topics tend to encourage both individual creativity and the most playful language, such as collective work and activities of criticism and sharing of texts and poems. You can discuss with your partners at college and ask your teacher or professor, too. Options are infinite! As you know, the presentation by the professor of content on narrative theory, techniques and style, continues with the practical exercises on theoretical assumptions and are usually explained. This will provide the necessary materials to each student.

Are you ready to start writing your argumentative essay? Do you believe a fun and interesting topic may improve your writing performance?

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Popular Informative Essay Topics

The purpose of an informative essay, which is sometimes called an expository essay, is to inform the reader and present some useful and new information on a specific topic. This information is usually based on facts and not biased by opinion; it should be supported by credible evidence.

Finding an appropriate topic for an informative essay usually requires some basic research. The following steps will help you develop your own topic:

STEP 1: Brainstorm what you already know. Try to think of a topic you know really well and have enough knowledge on so you could share it with your audience and instruct it. It’s much easier to write on the topic from your own experience.

STEP 2: Choose a topic that you are most interested in. In this case you will do everything possible to research the topic in detail and find out as much information as possible.

STEP 3: Ask your friends and family members. They might have a great idea for an essay that you haven’t even thought about.

STEP 4: Look for ideas around you. Some great ideas can be found in:

  1. News magazines: Newsweek, Time, The Week, National Journal, etc.
  2. Encyclopedias: Wikipedia,, Columbia Encyclopedia, etc.
  3. HowTo Websites: eHow,, etc.

STEP 5: Ask your teacher what you should write about. Your teacher might give you a topic to write on or point you toward some good resources.

The following list includes the most popular informative essay topics that students preferred to write on.

  • The Industrial Revolution in Europe
  • Causes and Effects of World War I
  • All You Need to Know About E-commerce
  • Best Investments For Young People
  • How to Be Successful in the Stock Market
  • Benefits of Human Cloning
  • Internet Banking Security
  • Benefits of Stem Cell Research
  • Importance of Computer Education
  • Illegal Immigration and Its Impact on the Economy
  • Online Educational Computer Games
  • Diabetes: Causes and Treatments
  • The Effects of Steroids
  • Air Pollution: Causes and Effects
  • Current Environmental Issues
  • Global Warming: Causes and Effects
  • Fundamental Rights of an Individual
  • Alternatives to Gasoline
  • How to Select an IPod or MP3 Player
  • How Does Texting Affect Your Driving

Share a topic of your informative essay that you have recently written on. If you are just preparing to write, stuck with ideas, and need some help with relevant examples, we will be happy to assist.

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