Resume Objectives For High School Graduates

High school graduates find the job market intimidating because of their lack of working experience. For this reason, they tend to write very vague summary objectives about their general skills or habits. But, this statement is the most important element of a resume. This is their chance to show their interest in the company, beyond getting their first paycheck. Below, you will find four examples of typical vague and uninformative summary objectives written by high school students for typical job positions (See Reference 1). For each of them, we provide simple ways to emphasize their skills and to tailor their objective to the content for the targeted position (See Reference 2 for Guidelines).

Resume Objective 1: Retail

“Looking for an opportunity to use my excellent interpersonal and organization skills.” This statement does not allow you to stand out in the list of candidates. Instead, mention your interest in the products sold by the merchant, and your personal experience as a customer. For instance, a teenager who enjoys winter sports may mention interesting details about the clothes, which he finds very practical or ingenious.

Resume Objective 2: Marketing Intern

“Seeking an opportunity to work with highly experienced professionals for my corporate and personal growth.” This statement is flattering, but does not show your enthusiasm about the company. Be specific about their services, demonstrate how the marketing style is aligned with your values. You may also mention your interest in the products they have worked on, and the success of their marketing.

Resume Objective 3: Receptionist

“Looking for an opportunity to offer my excellent organization and interpersonal skills to your company.” A receptionist is the first person someone meets when entering a company. Your objective should emphasize your ability to make people feel comfortable, even in the face of delicate or tense situations. Also, this position implies that you can handle multiple phone communications efficiently.

Resume Objective 4: Human Resources

“Seeking the position of human resource assistant to utilize my writing, research and leadership abilities.” Depending on the company, the tasks of human resource assistants will range from recruiting personnel to learning management. A quick search on your targeted company could allow you to emphasize the particular skill set that matches the specifics of the requested position.

Please go ahead and share what job position you are applying for at the moment and we will make sure to provide you with some useful tips.

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