MLA format, APA format, AMA, Turabian

When you write an essay or term paper it's very important to follow a specific academic format: MLA format, APA format, AMA, or Turabian. If none of the formats is followed the grade may be reduced considerably. Usually, a professor should tell what format to use but if no instructions are provided you are free to choose the format that matches your topic in the best way. For your convenience, below we have provided some sample essays in different formats which you can refer to at any time. Example of an essay written in MLA format shows proper MLA title page, MLA heading, MLA citation, and MLA works cited page. If you check the essay written in APA format you will see correct APA formatting. These sample essays have been written by our freelance writers to demonstrate their writing skills and show you the level of their expertise. The essays, terms papers, book reviews, book reports, and research papers can be written on any topic, any academic level, and any writing style.

Examples of essays in different academic formats:

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