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«For the past nine years, we worked on that house. Whenever we had extra money, we put it in the house. That's nine years of our lives down the drain. If I think about it, I think I'll crack. I can't do that, because I have to raise my daughter.»
Author: Mary Chao
«I would have liked him to play at wide receiver, running reverses and catching the ball. He could have been an All-State receiver. But he wasn't selfish. If we would have needed an offensive tackle, he probably would have done that too.»
Author: Paul Lanclos
«According to our flight schedule the earliest we can get to Asmara is on Sunday night. We hope we can be allowed to play next Tuesday.»
Author: Philip Omondi
«The trees can go pretty high instead of going to the sky, ... We could easily do another six months of bull market if conditions don't become too excessive and the Fed doesn't become too tight. The issue is how rapid they tighten. If they start doing a quarter-point every six weeks, that's fast. If it's a quarter-point and then nothing for six months that's fine. We can live with that.»
Author: Charles Blood
«He's got to be one of the all-timers, he's got to be. He's one of the top few that's ever played.»
Author: Pete Carroll

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