How to Turn Your Writing Skills Into a Profitable Side Hustle

Writing essays is, for many college students, little more than a necessary evil. But here's the real perk -- now that you've broken the ice on writing, you may actually be able to put this skill to use to make some extra money on the side. It all starts with the right attitude and the right approach. Here's how to get started.

Identify a niche and form a business plan

Just like any business, a writing business needs to be aimed at a certain niche. You can't write the entire internet yourself. It's best to find a segment of an industry and/or a specific type of writing to focus on. This could be your college major, or something you’ve always been passionate about and therefore have a good base of knowledge.

Solve people's problems

Writing for money might not be something you've ever done before, but if it's something you enjoy doing, it can bring in a nice extra chunk of income each month. It works like this: many business owners and managers have projects that involve writing. They don't want to do it, or don't have the time to do it, so they outsource the work to someone else.

There are a number of sites on the internet that connect writers with clients, like Upwork and Scripted. The site I work for, Live Lingua, takes guest posts now and then, if you have something important to say about language learning.

Keep an updated portfolio that is available online for potential clients to view. For this, you can use a site like Wix or WordPress and just set up a very simple website template. You can even include essays and term papers in there, if there are any you are particularly proud of. Work hard to grow your business, and develop your skillset along the way. Follow up with clients and potential clients.

The money is in B2B client work

Copywriting, SEO work, and article writing that helps brands engage an audience and build traffic are the cash cows. My experience over the last few years has led me to believe that SEO writing, whether PR, blogging, or other forms, is where the dollars are right now. To grow your business, help others grow their own. My two biggest clients currently have me doing SEO-friendly work for them.

It's tempting to think you can make a living doing travel writing or other, more fun, types of writing than SEO work. While it is certainly possible to make a bit of cash doing that, you're likely to have far more success doing the stuff other people don't want to do. In essence, solving their problem and then charging them do so.


I cannot emphasize this enough. Get off your ass, out of your spare bedroom office, and into the world. Building relationships and maintaining contacts is the number one way to make money as a freelance writer.

I went to a conference in Austin a few months back and landed a $1,200/month client out of it. I sat in a coworking space for two days, networked and listened to people's stories, then approached a guy who expressed a need for web articles and research to help grow his already successful brand.

We shared dinner and drinks, sat next to each other on the last day of the event, and now I not only have a great new client, I have a great new friend as well.

Find events that influencers, business owners, and other freelancers in that field will be at. Then, buy a ticket and go!

Thom Jackson is a freelance writer who contributes to the blog at Live Lingua and a number of other sites around the web. 


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Custom Essay Writing

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Online Databases of Sample Papers

Many companies which provide custom essay writing services also have online databases of sample essays, which contain essays, term papers or research papers on the most popular topics and can be accessed by students 24/7. These papers are usually provided as examples and can be used as a source of ideas for students who are stuck with their own papers. Essays and research papers are usually written by experienced writers who studied in well-known colleges and universities and hold master’s or doctorate degrees. 

Custom Essay Writing and Essay Database

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How to Write an A Essay

Many students struggle with essays from the first day they are introduced in secondary school. If you are not naturally gifted in English, you are likely to learn to hate essay writing any everything about it. Even if the topic is something you could be interested in and relatively knowledgeable about, it can be hard to express yourself well and score good marks. However, this struggle is unnecessary - it is easy to write a top scoring essay once you're familiar with a few basic essentials that will make your teacher smile. 


It is always a good idea to study smarter, not harder. If you have no idea about the subject in question - say, a play of Shakespeare - read a reputable study guide online as well as the Wikipedia page before you tackle the primary text. That way, you will understand the progression of the text and have some awareness of the major critical thoughts on it as you read. Obviously, DO NOT simply read the study guides and skip over the primary text - you will be utterly unable to put forward any original thoughts on the text without having read it yourself. However, a good study guide can make your reading of the primary text more effective.


Always map out your essay structure before you start writing. Got 1,500 words? Break it up into segments that fit your argument. Start by first determining what your argument will actually be, by listing your thoughts in a logical dot point form. Highlight premises, sub conclusions and major conclusions in separate colors. Then arrange them so that they are ordered logically and clearly. 

Next, determine which points are the most significant. Allocate a target word limit to each point, to be your guide when you get into the thick of writing. A good essay is one that knows where to go into detail, and where a brief summary or succinct point will suffice. 

Now you are ready to really begin.


Leave the introduction and conclusion for last, focusing instead on developing your argument and becoming very familiar with the subject as you write the main body. Once you are finished with that, write the introduction and conclusion. Neither of these sections should contain any new points! For the conclusion, simply summarize what you have argued, and state your ultimate conclusion. 

For the introduction, first state what you will be writing about and on what texts, then the rest of the paragraph should contain what is academically called signposting. This is very important. The teacher wants to know essentially what you will be arguing and attempting to show throughout the essay (this is why it's best to write the intro last - sometimes your opinions change from when you started out). Signposting should essentially read like this - In this essay I will discuss X. I will argue X, X and X, ultimately concluding X. It's ok to be simple and to-the-point with this. The reader simply wants to know what to expect from your article, so they don't get lost along the way if you take a convoluted path to demonstrating your point. 


It is always a good idea to leave your finished draft for a few days, before reading it again with fresh eyes. You may decide to move a few paragraphs around because the essay would flow better another way, or decide to spend less space focusing on one point and more on another, more significant one. These are the adjustments that will mean the difference between a good and excellent mark. 

Finally, make sure of your spelling and grammar, as silly mistakes can bring even the best essay down. Don't leave it all to your word processor, as it may not pick up correct spellings of the wrong word variation - i.e. their vs. they're. Iron all these small errors out and you will be left with a strong, logical and well balanced essay - a valuable skill to have, not only for excellent marks, but also for greater employability and a higher salary when you enter the workforce. Excellent essay writing skills will take you a long way in life!

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Top 10 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Given the nature of essay writing, many teachers encourage the use of libraries and media centers and the exchange of materials between the students, so that reading and study of genres and authors is a form of exchange and relationship. Yet, what happens when it comes to writing a compare and contrast essay? Do you feel overwhelmed due to an unexpected task? Read on to learn interesting hints. Moreover, you will be able to select from the top 10 compare and contrast essay topics!

At times, specific writing and literature classes have a fixed time to reading aloud from a text or poem. The main objective is to reinforce reading habits that may awaken the interest of students. In this way, students also learn to speak in public, improve their diction and understand concepts such as rhythm or narrative poetry, voice modulation and inhibition. However, what happens when writing appears annoying? Compare and contrast essays are just as expressing your ideas orally. Luckily, some teachers do encourage the use of new technologies, from e-mail, Internet and online resources, or even SMS messages in the proposals and the development of research and documentation. There are infinite appealing topics, how about writing an outstanding essay? Choose from:

  1. Compare the creative and fabulous work of Mozart & the Beatles.
  2. Compare the glamour rock of the past & the contemporary rock.
  3. Compare and contrast Moby Dick main characters & the known The Rime of Ancient Mariner.
  4. Compare and contrast two different plays: the known and beloved Streetcar Named Desire & acclaimed Cat on Hot Tin Roof by T. Williams.
  5. Write about criminal styles focusing on Black beard & Al Capone.
  6. Compare and contrast transformation in terms of awareness of Clyde Griffith, focus on the before and after period discussing the murderer.
  7. Write about constructions that were built in two architectural styles: the fancy baroque and the beautiful rococo.
  8. Causes of American Revolution & French Revolution.
  9. Compare and contrast the disabled rights along with the accessibility in United States of America & the rest of the planet. 
  10. Compare and contrast two political systems for instance, the U.S. & U.K.


You can find plenty of online platforms with free essay samples and guidelines. The contents of these websites are designed to stimulate creativity, inventiveness and imagination from a fast and dynamic. This is not a mechanical enumeration of content, but the learning of techniques and styles that allows each student to make his or her own voice, from unlocking the mechanisms of the imagination, reinforcing a more playful language.

Remember that after opting for one of the top 10 compare and contrast essay topics, you need to consider other key aspects:

1) Write the five senses

  • The image for inspiration
  • The sound and its relationship to the text 
  • The touch of words

2) The mechanisms of imagination and inspiration

  • Techniques to train the inventive
  • Image for inspiration (photos, collages ...) 
  • Automatic writing 
  • Newspapers and inspiring stories

Are you looking for online essay examples? Do you believe you are a good writer? What is the point of writing a compare and contrast essay? Share your thoughts today!

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