How to Write a Proposal

Below there are several steps that might be useful if you are going to write a proposal.

1. Start your proposal with an abstract or project description about what you are going to do. (i.e. You are travelling somewhere and you need money to apply for a grant. In the abstract you should describe what you will be doing at that conference, why is it important to your field of study or your field as a professional.

2. Give the proper materials for this proposal. If it requires an acceptance letter to prove you are going, if it requires a letter of recommendation from a professor to show that you are actually in the department because the people you are going to be submitting to, for the most part, do not know you. They are going to be looking at your proposal as itself rather than looking at you in the face.

3. If you applying for money, you should definitely have an itemized budget page stating what you need the money for (i.e. if you make a plain travel or train travel, or you need to spend the money for gas, etc.). You need to put that down. You should mention how long you are going to be there and how much you need for your daily coverage.

4. Have somebody who knows about what you are applying for, double check your proposal for any mistakes or anything you’ve left out and make you sure that you can get your money, and you can get it for what you need it to go to.

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