How to Choose the Right University Specialization

Picking the right university specialism is never an easy task, especially for those who are still unsure of what they wish to be during their long term career. Fortunately there are a number of things that you can do to make the decision a little easier. 

According to the UCAS website there are four key questions that you should ask yourself when choosing the right course for you:

1. What subjects interest me? 

2. What are my talents?

3. What job would I like to do after university?

4. What academic subjects would I like to improve? 

If answering these questions still does not make the choice any clearer, there are other ways of making your decision. 

Do Your Research 

What job are you hoping to do? What sector are you hoping to work in? Once you know this, even if you are still not one hundred percent sure, you can start to research to prospective jobs that are available now. Take a look at what requirements they are looking for when hiring. Try to find out what specialism and qualifications prospective employers are valuing the most.

Ask for Advice 

There is help out there in assisting you to choose if wish to seek it. Firstly, considerer asking family and close friends what they think. Okay, so they might not understand what it is you are choosing to study, but a long chat can reveal all that you need to know. 

Ask yourself who in your immediate circle knows you the best? Who know what makes you tick? These are the people that you should be talking to about this. Alternatively, for more professional advice speak to your academic tutors. They will know what you are good at academically; they may be able to spot where your particular strengths lie far easier that you can. They can offer objective advice with an emphasis on your overall career development. 

Consider Different Courses 

Then there is the task of looking at the wide range of different courses that are on offer. All university degrees will have a slightly different structure and will have different elective modules available for you to specialize in. Even when two courses share the same title, at different universities they will have different structures. 

Looking thoroughly into all of your available options is advised in the beginning. Find out what elective modules different courses have to offer, and also make sure that they are offering any electives you are interested in during your academic year. This is due to the fact the modules change even within the same university. 

Once you find a course that is ticking all of your boxes, then ask them for more course details. Find out how the modules are taught, how long they take to complete etc. The more you find out about the course, then the surer you should become of your decision. As time passes, you will find that one particular specialism stands out to you much more than the others. Above all, make sure that you choose a specialization in a subject that interests you. You will be studying it for a long time, and you will need to do well in that subject in order to obtain your much sought after degree.

Amy Harris is a writer for Financial Training – which helps students from around the world find the right finance and business course. She enjoys assisting students and graduates with their education and job search.

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