Reasons and Values of Doing Homework

We've all been doing homework...well, at least most of us. Back in high school days we've generally been confronted with tons of writing tasks or math assignments. However, when students finally finish high school and move up to college or university, they tend to forget reasons and values of still doing homework and writing exercises.

The reason for this is the lacking sense of obligation, which forces students to do their work as they had to in high school. College students live an independent life and are often provided with great freedom in terms of homework, especially in natural sciences. Yet, homework tasks help in revising and remembering subject matters, which were taught in lecture rooms or specific courses. As a  result, students will keep material easier in mind when brainstorming in the evenings.

Another essential and important function of homework for students is to consider situations and circumstances critically. Courses often rush through material and cover subject matters only to a certain degree – homework exercises help fully inquire and think beyond the learning material. Take liberal arts as an example: you have to transfer the things taught on different cases, especially in juristic matters. Homework provides the basis for "training" your mental skills and can be seen as encouragement for creativity. Moreover, the ability to scrutinize, to research, and to bring circumstances into question will always turn out useful in life.

Clearly, out-of-class tasks a great preparation for midterm exams, final exams, or any other academic challenge is required. Considering the schedule structures, the activities of any student's life, it is very important to arrange enough time for each exam. Preparing for multiple exams in a very short amount of time is extremely hard and, in addition to that, it is slightly impossible to receive yet a good grade unless you're experienced in leaving everything until the last possible minute. Statistics prove that this type of student is usually doomed to fail, but this is not due to the lack of intelligence – it is due to bad preparation and psychological overload.

Another thing that homework teaches is to make one's own hours so there will still be enough time to finish midterm papers before the due date. It's not unusual to meet deadlines when studying in college. However, this understanding of commitment needs practice and endurance. In any occupational field it is of major importance to comply with a set term, hence homework lays the foundation stone for punctuality.

When actually doing homework and grasping information together, you'll also feel emotionally relieved once you're finished. You'll feel better when your professor thinks you're smart – it gives you a psychological advantage and as a consequence improves your self-confidence.

Finally, from the pedagogical perspective, exercises or homework tasks should generate a stronger sense of duty, evoking a greater feeling of reliability and commitment. Taking all the above aspects into consideration, it is unquestionable that homework is a good way to exercise your mind and to remember things. This is of major importance in any future occupational field.

What do you think about doing homework? Are there any other reasons why homework assignments are necessary for students? Please go ahead and share your views.

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