Top 10 Educational Movies for Students

Who said teachers could not bring an entire new teaching plan? According to many studies, students are more receptive to alternative teaching methods. Who doesn’t enjoy an interesting movie? There are plenty of good movies out there. Many experts are encouraging educators of our new era to expand their methodologies. Benefits are plenty!

Movies and Cinema influences are not new. The best option is to find suitable and unique approaches. Visual impact of specific movies can change it all around. In case you did not know, there are grandiose movies to select from. Keep reading to make a wise choice:

1. Super Size Me

Many call it propaganda. While critics vary, this documentary can open every student’s eyes. Students will be able to debate and share their own opinion. This is fabulous to open up debates. 

2. The Cove

This documentary was awarded with Oscar. It is a powerful production due to its details and approach. 

3. Bowling for Columbine

This outstanding production is a must see. Sad for many, it displays reality in a magnificent and realistic way. Michael Moore doesn’t leave any detail aside. It is highly recommended since it is easy to understand and it is among the top documentary films ever! Moore brings a unique style with extensive analysis. 

4. The Wire

This is not a documentary but David Simpsons brings a fantastic outline. 

5. An Inconvenient Truth

This movie is related to Al Gore’s reforms, it is a global-warming oriented film. Students will be able to understand highlights linked to standpoints and a difference that array due to many ideas. 

6. Generation Kill

While this is not exactly a documentary, it is close to a documentary style movie. It focuses on the 1st forty days in the unfortunate Iraq War. 

7. Spellbound

This movie focuses on a spelling bee. This is an intriguing film without a doubt.

8. Hoop Dreams

This film is necessary! Students will find it enriching and enlightening. It is a must see documentary which focuses on 2 young men goals that are from Chicago and want to reach the fantastic NBA. 

9. Fahrenheit 9/11

While there is a lot of publicity and propaganda attached to this movie, it is highly recommended. 

10. This Is It

Michael Jackson left a lot of knowledge to everyone. It is a magnificent approach to understand a tough business, goals and a different vision.

As you can tell, the list is rich in content. Movies can change everything in a single minute. They can be heartwarming or even create uncertainty. Media solutions are out and about. Why not taking advantage of fantastic productions brought by unique figures? There is not much analysis to put onto it. The best is at your hands. The more you look, the better it is. Choose one of the above educational movies and get going. This can only bring benefits.

Do you like to watch movies? What if your teacher starts featuring specific movies on a weekly basis? Do you believe on the power of films? Do you enjoy watching documentaries? Share your own perspective today.

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