Resume Advice for Graduates - How to Sell Yourself on Paper

Recent college graduates emerge from their programs of study with a valuable list of new credentials, skills and experiences that can be used to create an impressive resume. Because many college students lack work experience in their preferred fields, it is important to tailor the resume to emphasize the positive contributions that they can bring to the workplace. The following advice will help recent college graduates to develop a resume that will enable them to stand out in a crowd by highlighting their accomplishments.

Include a Profile

Traditional resumes have typically included a line that states a prospective employee’s career objective. This has now begun to be replaced with a more relevant profile that provides a listing of a person’s qualifications and skills. For recent college graduates, this section can be especially helpful as it informs potential employers about how a recent college graduate’s knowledge will be an asset to their company. In this section, graduates are encouraged to list any technological skills, certifications and character traits that can demonstrate their ability to contribute their understanding in the workplace.

List Education First

Most recent college graduates lack experience in their chosen field. Therefore, their employment section may not have relevant experiences. By placing education first, graduates can keep the focus on their educational achievements. In this section, all degrees should be listed along with any scholarships or awards that were earned throughout the course of the degree. If a student has earned an above average GPA, then they may want to list that two. In order to show experience within a given area of expertise, graduates will want to also include any internships or volunteer positions in which they worked during their time in college. Because this will be the focus of the resume, college graduates will want to be sure to list all major achievements they gained in college.

Emphasize Transferable Skills

College students often hold a variety of work positions as they pay their way through school. In the employment section, these jobs should be listed. Although many of these jobs may seem unrelated to the position currently being applied for, it is important to emphasize transferable skills. For example, someone who worked as a waiter may emphasize their multi-tasking abilities or excellent customer service. Many work skills can be transferred from one job to another. Therefore, college graduates should emphasize how their past employment experiences have led to the employee that they will be today.

Updating a resume to highlight a recent college graduate’s educational accomplishments and transferrable job skills will help them to stand out among other applicants. While today’s job market is becoming increasingly competitive, college graduates will have the leading edge when they come to interviews prepared with a powerfully written resume. If you need help with your resume, consider hiring a resume writing service company that can help round out your expertize and get you in front of the right employers.  

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