Lack Of College Counseling Continues To Hurt High School Students

As of late, many students have seen their chances of admission into the top universities decrease heavily. It hasn’t been because of lower grades or lower SAT/ACT scores, but rather because the guidance has just not been there.

With budget cuts continuously increasing across the nation, more public schools are facing college-counseling struggles than ever before. Many schools have 1 counselor for 700 students, which has hit record highs for the gap between the two sides.

Don’t Worry, There Is A Solution

Thankfully, many companies have decided to leverage technology to help students through this difficult time. is an online platform that takes the role of a counselor to help students with college admissions for FREE.

The initiative taken by startups such as these have been crucial to help students make it into college. College admissions are only getting more and more competitive each year while the amount of resources and help available are shrinking.

StatFuse makes the transition from real life counselor to online counselor almost seamless with their platform. Students can calculate their chances of admission, discover colleges, find the right college for them, and even improve their chances of getting accepted for FREE through this website. 

The Schools Can Only Do So Much 

While many parents have been stressed and upset with the local schools, others have come to realize that the schools are not at fault. The schools are doing their best to provide the utmost resources available to parents and students to help them with college, but it’s still lacking in many areas.

As enrollment continues to increase in schools, student to teacher ratios continue to increase in classrooms, and the number of counselors continue to decrease… might be a great time for parents to start finding alternative solutions to the high school. 

High schools play a crucial role in transitioning a student from high school to college, but that may not be the case anymore. High schools may only have the goal of simply educating students and partnering up with outside organizations that can take control of those services. 

The Strategy

Regardless of what the situation at your high school may be, it is always recommended to find outside help with college admissions. Rightfully so, college admissions are very important to parents.

While parents can’t do much besides complaining to the state for more college counselors, they can do other things to help solve the problem temporarily. Many high schools are looking for volunteers to help organize and set up financial aid workshops, college planning workshops, and scholarship seminars. 

With the help of parents and high schools, counselors may not have to be the only way for students to get help. Outside organizations, community centers, local libraries, and others are willing to chip in to help solve the problem until the state government can. 

If you are a parent at a high school and want to help out, see what initiatives your school administration is taking to solve this problem. Being an active part of the solution, using resources like StatFuse, and continuing to be involved with your students lives are all ways to get through this issue. 

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