Summer Internships Abroad

Studying abroad is always fun. How about considering a summer internship abroad? Its main objective is usually to mix and match cultures and allow students work and learn in a different environment. This program often aims to provide a majestic opportunity to the youth of the world. Those individuals interested to expand their horizons, should definitely consider such an option.


During the internship, participants will be in charge of different things. They will be performing different daily tasks of the organization in question, especially those related to international institutional relations, organization, and event coordination, cooperation in the specific preparation along with the presentation of projects. This is definitely a magnificent opportunity. A lot of knowledge is acquired.

Duration of Summer Internships

The duration of a summer internship is usually of three months straight. The company may have pre-established dates for candidates. The specific dates are to be completed without exception. Before making a final decision, it’s imperative to learn about the many responsibilities and policies.


In order to be part of a specific program, it is important to write a letter requesting and showing interest in the summer internship and the tentative dates for the same. The student must send a complete and updated resume with a picture. Moreover, in most cases, students must send an essay explaining why they should be admitted, what is actually expected from the internship and how they think this can work for their professional future. A recommendation letter should also be attached, if possible from a reputable teacher.

Requirements for students

  • Complete the requirements of the application.
  • Speak the language in question fluently. 
  • Demonstrate concern for issues of democracy, rule of law and public policies that favor the economic and institutional progress in that country. 
  • Owning a personal computer to do their jobs.

Most of the times, the company doesn’t take the responsibility for expenses that may result from accidents and/or illness incurred during an internship. Consequently, the intern must have an insurance.


The company may be committed in assisting the interns in matters relating their work during the internship but will not cover the costs associated with accommodation, transport and food, which the intern should come with money or enough credit to take on these costs. After accepting the nomination of the internship, the intern must send a short text stating recommendations and customs related to life in that country, such as safety issues, food, climate and labor.

Visa facts

Sometimes the company helps with visa procedures. Yet, at times, students must deal with that alone. If accepted for the internship they will receive an official letter which will help with the formalities. The company agrees to provide the intern a friendly working environment and commit to provide all the comforts they’ve promised. Furthermore, the intern is expected to participate in most, if not all, the activities organized by the company, not only by collaborating in the organization but also by being part of the audience to explore more of the situation in the respective country.

We encourage you to share your own experience. Are you looking for a summer internship? Feel free to share your comments.

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