How To Write A Perfect Resume

Before you can set up interviews for internships and jobs, you first need to write a resume that will capture the attention of recruiters. Writing a perfect resume as a student is not about having a lengthy work history, but providing a snapshot of who you are and effectively telling your story. Putting in the time and effort needed to perfect your resume will benefit you in the long-run because you will be able to separate yourself from other students who are applying for the same jobs. Recruiters spend a few seconds viewing a resume before going on to the next one. It is important that your resume is written in way that makes a lasting impression. The format of your resume may vary, but it needs to include the essential information that every resume should contain.

Contact Information

  • This section includes your personal information and goes at the very top of your resume.
  • Include your full name, school email address, home address and phone number and your school address and phone number.

Focus on Education

Many college career advisors suggest that students do not include an objective statement in their resume because it focuses on what the student wants and not the desires of the employer. As a student, you should place a lot of focus on your educational achievements. Unlike an experienced professional's resume, your educational accomplishments should be listed toward the top of your resume.

  • In the education section of your resume, include the name of your school, the city where your school is located and your anticipated graduation date.
  • You should also include any extracurricular activities, leadership positions you held and courses taken that relate to the job you are seeking.
  • Include your GPA if it meets a certain standard. College career advisors suggest that a student should include his GPA if it is a 3.0 or higher. If your major GPA is higher than your overall GPA, you should include that as well.

Work Experience

  • Most students have very little work experience to include in this section of their resume, but any type of work experience shows recruiters that you have worked in a business environment and understand the basic responsibilities of being an employee.
  • Students who do not have work experience should include any volunteerism information, such as working with the Boys and Girls Club, at the local hospital or Habitat for Humanity.

Major School Projects

  • Including school projects that you have worked on in the past can also make up for your lack of work experience. Focus on projects that required a team effort. Team projects show recruiters that you know how to work with others to accomplish a common goal.
  • Use two to three sentences to list the accomplishments of the project instead of the work itself.

Technical Skills

  • Including skills relevant to the job you are targeting can help you stand out amongst your peers. For example, if you are applying for an accounting position, you should include any skills and knowledge you possess in operating accounting software.
  • List any certificates you have earned for your technical knowledge.

Awards and Accomplishments

  • The awards and accomplishments section of your resume shows what you have worked hard to achieve.
  • Include any competitive awards you have earned, any years you made the dean’s list and similar accomplishments.

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