How to Party and Still Get Good Grades in College

Often teenagers are pressured by their parents and family to get good grades in school. The first question parents ask is: how are your grades going? But getting good grades in all subjects is not so easy. You have different teachers with different teaching methods and that each works as if that one was the only subject taught in school. Some teachers tend to assign research and complicated tasks, involving much time and concentration. If you like to party this can become a problem. However, you might want to consider the following tips:

  • Organize yourself.
  • Study in advance.
  • Choose one day to party hard.
  • Find a balance.
  • Work on your flaws.

We all need to socialize; however, balance is the key. As long as you remain focused and responsible, everything will go fine. 

Odds are, when you were younger your grades were excellent, why have you changed? Maybe your grades are low. Now you have more friends before they just were classmates. Many believe school days should be simpler and more practical and focus on topics that are useful in our daily lives and future work activities. Yet, you can always find a way to have fun, too! 

Sometimes, you may be forced to work on a worthless project. Yet, in the long run, this will help a lot. While you may not hear about a specific subject ever again, knowledge is always good. If you like to party, do not leave such matter aside. Try to remove doubts so you are ready on the day of the test. You do not want to go to school with a terrible hangover the next day.  Start by being responsible and work on your bad habits. Before you know it you will be living the life of your dreams.

It is all about general knowledge! Go for the optimal combination. Breaks are always important; even networking will help you grow as a professional, too. How about choosing Friday or Saturday to go out? If you miss out a party, it is not the end of the world.


Fun classes can help avoid bad grades. If students are focused and enjoying classes, everything will go smooth. The good news is that this combination of teaching resources and further analysis with the student has other advantages and opens new opportunities; it is also a way to prepare students for the new readings that will offer TV, Internet or multimedia with which they find more and more in this information society. Thus, composing a rich media strategy for a class, teaching multiple resources - that is, with "multimedia", specially chosen to encourage diversity, different languages and codes added to the class, and reflecting with students on these issues, is also a way to help them develop new reading skills that require them this time. This will definitely lead to fantastic grades. Remember, the right balance will help you increase your grades. You will still be able to have fun. 

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