TOP 10 Educational Websites For Students

Internet sources are expanding and growing more than ever. In case you didn’t know, solutions and options abound. You can pretty much find everything online. However, some sources are not as reputable as you may think. This is not necessarily a problem, but you need to look out for top data. Don’t fall for unscrupulous people trying to persuade you and so on. Below, you will find the top 10 educational websites for students. This is great to start learning from rich sources. 

Inappropriate material or not

You may have stumbled upon with infinite poor quality material. In order to avoid this, we share impeccable and complete online resources for students. They certainly rank among the best ones. 

Literacy & general reference

1. Ipl2

This is related to the Internet Public library. It is a magnificent index and it delivers a complete source of data you can certainly trust. You will find a wide variety of collections, ranging from author biographies, research data, writing tips, United States presidents, museums, literary critics, among many more themes. 

2. Refdesk

You can check as many facts as you want. This platform will allow you evaluate sources and so on. If you need homework assistance, you can find a homework helper section. 

3. Fact Monster

This source is meant for younger students. Its reference desk is impressive. It is designed to meet each student needs in terms of timelines, dictionary matters, and homework. By typing keywords, everything will be displayed. 

4. Microsoft Download Center

In a few words, this will link you to infinite free downloadable programs. Amazing, right? It does not get any better. It includes applications, top of the line utilities, updates, extras, and it is compatible with MAC as well.  

5. Microsoft Student Experience

This is a great site in terms of technology. Students can reach sources and newsletters to stay updated. Moreover, they can join tech clubs and it is a cool place in order to get a scholarship. It is an extensive portal, which allows students to download software and to opt for a free training. 

English & history

6. FreeTranslation

Despite the language, this is a perfect platform for language studies. You will note how this source can easily translate a text from a specific language into another one. 

7. Project Gutenberg

This is great to read and understand what is available or not. You can download plenty of eBooks as you wish. You can have your own collection of classical works, too. You can read them from your mobile device or from your PC.


This is a great source to answer many novel doubts. Plenty of analytics and literary criticism is exposed right here. You will find data about contemporary books and more. This is a rich metaphor and subject analysis source.

9. Shakespeare Online

This is a complete site which displays plenty of plays and or poems. You will find outstanding works and translations including famous quotes. 

Math & Science


This website is great since it provides many math categories including geometry, algebra, statistics, etc. You can practice exercises and you will be automatically graded. In addition, you can make use of a calculator and find homework tips. 

Are you ready to gather extensive knowledge? If yes, you should better get going. The internet has become a powerful weapon. Do you believe the above educational websites for students are helpful? Share your thoughts and comments today.

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