Top 5 Fastest Growing Careers for Students

Are you looking for a challenging career path? Or want to succeed in today’s competitive job market? Consider an online education as it provides you with a solid credentials and comprehensive skill set while making you a qualified candidate for numerous job opportunities. Students opting for an online education will gain core competencies and professional expertise that will help them find employment opportunities in a myriad of lucrative business areas.

Below, there are the top 5 fastest growing careers that can easily be pursued by online students.

1. Pursue a Lucrative Career in Business

Business industry is one of the fastest growing industries that offer enormous employment opportunities for prospective candidates. Pursuing an online bachelor’s degree in business will help students learn various business strategies and provide them with essential knowledge for finance, trading, business administration, marketing and management. Students can also opt for master in business administration (MBA) that can prepare them for managerial career paths at senior level.

2. Interested in a Career in Engineering?

Engineering is the largest and fastest growing field in the world that provides diversity of potential jobs to students having an online degree in engineering. Online degree programs in engineering are designed to give students a solid foundation in research, design and development of new products and services. Online engineering degrees are available at all levels in a variety of subjects such as civil engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering or more. Thus, students can choose from a large variety of engineering degrees and can access quality education and increase their professional qualification.

3. Consider a Career in Health Care

Health care is a booming industry that provides numerous career opportunities to potential candidates. There are various accredited online schools that offer online health care degrees in different fields such as nursing, occupational therapy, nutrition, public health, pharmacy, health information technology, medical technology, forensic nursing and more. By pursuing an online health care degree, students can qualify for a variety of employment options and can start a rewarding career in several areas of health care. 

4. Choosing a Career in Computer Science is a Good Choice

With the rise of computer based technology businesses, the demand for qualified computer specialists is also increasing. Individuals choosing an online degree in computer science can choose variety of job opportunities such as a computer software engineer, programmer, system analyst, computer scientist and much, much more. It is projected the job prospects for individuals with online computer science degree will increase through 2018.
5. Opt for a Profitable Accounting Career

A career in accounting can be very lucrative and students having an online accounting degree can find different accounting career paths. Candidates can choose to pursue such careers as bookkeeping, general accountant, certified public accountant (CPA), controller, forensic accountant, auditor or more. In addition, earning an online accounting degree can also improve your earning potential.

So, if you want to pursue a rewarding career path in these fastest growing fields, enroll in an online school in order to get an accredited online degree that will help you start a successful career.

Author Bio: Richard Sandlar is a webmaster, editor and writer of specialized online education based blog which offers comprehensive reviews of accredited online degrees, accredited online colleges and universities.

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