Top 10 Apps for School to Ace Your Classes


We all know when school starts up, we all want to do better in school. If you are a parent, a teacher, or even a student, here are the best apps that will help you do well this year in school. So, say goodbye to bad grades, and hello to excellent ones! 

Top 10 apps for school:

1. iHomework.

Before school starts back up again, prepare for the mountains of homework you're most likely going to get by downloading iHomework. With it, you can store teacher information, courses that you're studying, plan your homework and much more.


Every student needs a good dictionary and thesaurus in their bag. These can be really pricey sometimes, or if you opt for second hand it's never going to be up to date. Luckily, is a free app that always gets updated and doesn't weigh a ton, making it perfect to have with you whenever you might need it.

3. Evernote.

Evernote is an amazing app and everyone should have it. It'll help a huge amount with saving web research, papers that you've been given and even saving projects and homework in the 'cloud' as well so you can access it on other devices. The only drawback is that you'll actually have to do your homework now, as 'I left it at home' won't be a valid excuse any more!

4. Coursesmart.

Ever wish you could have access to every textbook you need, but for free? Well, Coursesmart lets you view the most up to date textbooks for no charge, so you'll never need to fork out for expensive books ever again.

5. Stanza.

Stanza is also an amazing free resource for newspapers and magazines. You'll even get to tap into more than 30,000 classic public domain books to read for free as well! Perfect for when studying History or English.

6. Amazon.

For some people, digital copies don't cut it and they prefer paper copies of everything they read. If you're one of those people, the Amazon app is great for helping you find you the best deals from different suppliers. They often have a lot of good offers on to take advantage of, too.

7. Simplemind.

If you're more of a visual learner than writing endless notes after notes, then mind-mapping is a fantastic idea to get your ideas down. Simplemind makes creating and sharing mind-maps really easy, plus with the paid feature you can save these in various formats including PDF!

8. Graphing Calculator.

For the mathematical side of life, getting Graphing Calculator on your iPhone could make those math problems a breeze – a full expandable scientific calculator is included, plus the ability to plot graphs with multiple equations. Saving your workings is easy as you can email it in one click.

9. Cram.

So it's test time, and you're running out of fun ways to revise what you've been learning. Did you know you can make your own multiple choice questions and flashcards with Cram? It'll automatically randomise the answers so it'll really put your brain to the test. Plus, you control what information goes in so it'll only test you on relevant things you need to clue up on.

10. Wikepedia.

Although it's a bit of a controversial choice for studying, many people still use Wikipedia as a resource for information. If you're not at your computer, you can just download the Wikipedia app and do your research on the go!

Good luck in all your classes. With these apps, you are sure to do great! 

Jerry F. is a writer for Best-Careers website. If you are interested in the best careers, and the education to do so, this site is a great resource. 

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