How to Spend Summer Vacation Wisely

The sights, smells and sounds of summer are different. There is an air of anticipation especially if this means, for a student, closure of college books, the end of homework assignments and an opportunity to spend some time on one's own. And for the working student, bogged down with work commitments, deadlines and achievement of targets, the summer vacation is a time to gain some perspective and simply get away to relax.

The question however is whether to spend summer vacation, just like all the others before, or to find a way to make this wonderful time interesting and productive without the pressure of performance usually associated with college and work?

Travel to Your Favorite Destination

One of the key activities during summer vacation is traveling, and these days, with airline rates becoming more competitive and the hotel industry clamouring for more business, it is often possible to get really great deals for travel. For individuals on a shoestring budget however, there is no need to pack the family or just yourself into a plane and then into a posh hotel in order to have a meaningful summer vacation. A simple bus ticket to an unfamiliar destination, a friend to hang out with for a week and a good map of the location will suffice.

The point is that summer vacation can be spent wisely while on holiday if it becomes an adventure of curiosity, exploration and discovery.

TIP 1: Whichever of these travel choices appeal to you, a little notebook and pencil to keep track of what you do and who you meet, your likes and dislikes and even your thoughts will serve well as a gentle reminder of the time spent.

TIP 2: If you have a trusty camera to capture images of summer, this too adds flavour to your getaway.

For parents of students, the advent of summer usually means the risk of war breaking out at home and so it is imperative that some solid summer vacation planning is in order.

Do Some Cleaning

Apart from the trip away, summer vacation is a perfect opportunity to do some spring-cleaning, although for the benefit of the petulant student, this should be tagged as reminiscing. Use this opportunity to take a trip down memory lane – sorting family photos and clearing the attic or cellar will invariably drag up long-forgotten tales to tell.

Volunteer for Activities

Another useful activity during summer is to volunteer for some activities with organizations that work with people. Whether it is at an orphanage or the nearby soup kitchen, participating in helping others is meaningful and the warm glow of sharing will often last long after the summer vacation is over.

Spend Time With Your Children (if you have any)

If you have young children, this is a terrific opportunity to allow them to see what the real world is like and to value what they have. It also encourages a spirit of sharing and caring, and creates awareness of one’s self and one’s world.

Summer vacations are not just about shopping, sleeping and chilling. Perhaps the best perspective is that the summer vacation is an opportunity of self-discovery that will leave you filled to the brim till the next summer.

How do you spend your summer vacation? Go ahead and share your favorite activity.

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