Top 10 Excuses to Miss a Class

The top 10 excuses to miss a class will help you come up with the most hilarious excuses. While you do not want to skip classes too often, however, you need to be prepared. The best is at your hands so put into practice the below hints and tips:

  1. Excuses linked to health issues
  2. Excuses linked to family problems
  3. Excuses related to alarm problems
  4. Excuses that refer to car accidents
  5. Excuses linked to a fight
  6. Excuses linked to an unexpected miracle
  7. Excuses related to an imaginary trip
  8. Excuses linked to sleeping disorders
  9. Excuses that refer to a bad teacher
  10. Excuses linked to great grades

As you can see, categories can simply bring the best out of your imagination. The above top 10 excuses related themes can help you get away with your desire. There is no need to opt for traditional excuses. If you browse around, you will be impressed on the many options! This is like if you had a confession to make. You need to focus on details. Remember to:

  • Work on body language. You don’t want anyone to suspect
  • Prepare your excuse speech
  • Give the best of you
  • Visualize it 
  • Believe it
  • Select the proper attire
  • Browse for details and gather data linked to the excuse in question
  • & More

Act as if this was really happening. This is somehow like lying so it is not recommended to repeat it on a daily basis. This could lead to a vicious cycle. You can get things right. A new evolution is taking place so don’t stay behind. Make up an excuse when you really need to. If your parents are cooperative, you don’t need to lie. And if you are trying to come up with an excuse for your teacher, make it as realistic as possible. Don’t forget that teachers were once students, too.

Make it huge

You can make up something huge. The more the better, since it will appear urgent and important, nobody will really believe this can be a lie. However, don’t play with people lives and so on. You never know when you will actually experience an unexpected tragedy. If the time comes, nobody will believe you. Try to find a way to enjoy school and miss as few classes as possible. You can always ask for permission to skip a class by claiming you have never being absent. Tell your parents that your grades are great and that you deserve a day off!

Your actions have consequences. Don’t blame anyone but you for your frustration. Make wise choices and enjoy life as it comes. If you want to stay at home and miss class, try the above excuses in a smart way. You will get away with your decision; just remember you will be the one and only facing a good or a bad outcome.

Have you ever applied one or more of the above excuses? Do you think that missing a class can ruin your entire performance? Share your comments today.

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