10 Ways to Get Motivated and Get Going

As a college student, it is critical to remember that time spent earning a degree is, in essence, one long job interview. College is the opportunity to create a portfolio of educational experiences that contribute to an overall value as a future employee.

What can a student do to make that college degree as powerful as possible? Here are 10 of the best tips a college student can use to become employable.

1. Find mentors – A college student’s first mentors will be school professors, however, other mentors are needed. Perhaps there is a campus organization with members who are in the chosen field. There may be professionals who work with these students in an effort to identify the most gifted. What better way to be “discovered?”

2. Contact companies that hire people in the field – While it is true that college students should be interested in getting a well-rounded education, few students attend college for an education alone. Students want to be prepared to find employment. One excellent way to do that is to network. Networking is a skill, and students should learn that skill as early as possible.

3. Create a web site that will demonstrate accomplishments – If a student has no interest in learning how to create a web site, there are many programs that make it easy enough for anyone to do. They are usually offered by hosting companies and are simple to use.

4. Turn every major assignment into a portfolio quality project – A college education should be treated as a very long job interview. Today’s students cannot afford to “just pass” classes. Everything matters.

5. Take courses that will develop the skills needed to get a job – Students should read professional publications to learn more about an area of interest. This will provide information about what skills are required in order to succeed.

6. Extra courses will help a student stand out – A “four year” college degree can be completed in three years if a student attends summer classes. This allows a student to add important courses without taking more than four years to complete a degree. These extra courses might make the difference between looking for a job and getting the job.

7. Consider a minor in a field that supports the major – A business major might consider adding a minor in accounting or Information Technology. A computer science major might want to minor in business. Adding a minor adds depth to a degree.

8. Create extra portfolio projects that showcase skills that might not be covered by any course – There is no rule against doing extra work.

9. Consider doing volunteer work – An accounting major might volunteer to perform accounting services for a charity. A theater major might work with an organization that wants to produce a variety show to raise funds. The kinds of contacts made while volunteering add to networking skills, and many community leaders work with local charities.

10. Start a formal job search at the start of the senior year – The job search process takes time. Even a company that is interested in hiring an individual has to go through the process. Starting early shows initiative, and that is a good trait to demonstrate.

College students are often faced with the stress of entering the work force as soon as possible. There are student loans, and a lack of income can be very difficult. The time spent in college should be used to not only get an education and training but also to find ways to make the transition from student to productive employee. If the job market looks bleak, consider taking the tests required to enter graduate school. If a student is facing unemployment, a graduate degree is a great way to mark time while the economy improves. It will also help a student stand out in the crowd and provide additional opportunities to network and improve job prospects and value as an employee.

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