How To Improve Your Grades Without Studying

According to some, there are two factors that determine success.  Half of succeeding depends on what you know, and the other half depends on who you know. This is certainly true in college. Part of succeeding in college, which can be defined as getting good grades, is knowing the course material. The other half is knowing people, both students and professors.  

Since part of succeeding in college (getting good grades) depends on whom one knows, it is possible to increase one’s grades by knowing people better.  Studying can help improve grades, but it is not the only method.  Here are some ways to improve your grades in college, without studying.

Get to Know Your Classmates

Few college students survive their classes without participating in study groups.  These groups are used to divide and conquer assignments, review material and answer each other’s questions.  The only way to become a member of a study group is by becoming friends with your classmates.  

Once you identify the most astute students in your classes, you can invite them to join a study group.  As a study group, some studying is required.  However, each member can do a fraction of the work and reap all of the benefits.

Know Your Classmates, Well

It is not enough to simply know others in your classes.  You are working with these people; you are depending on them for answers. If they fail, your grade will suffer accordingly. The most successful networkers in college can read their classmates. Does a fellow student know what he is talking about, or is he just making up an answer? You must be able to answer this question, so you can know whether the information is valuable or useless.

Meet Your Professor

Although many of them are socially awkward, professors are people. Few professors truly enjoy failing students (although I’ve had a couple).  Most will do everything in their power to help a student succeed, if the student expresses interest in them or the course. Failing students might receive passing grades, and an 88 might become an “A-“ for students who meet with their professors. By developing a personal relationship with a professor, students can form a bond. Regardless of how week this relationship is, professors will help students they know slightly.

The simplest way to develop a relationship with a professor is by visiting during office hours. This is not always feasible, however. In some instances (especially online courses), calling the professor or sending a personal email can have great effects.

Research Your Professor

For the most part, professors teach subjects they enjoy. They have likely written articles on the subject, which can be found on Google. Students should Google their professors to find out what their degrees are in and what they have written about or researched. Picking a related topic for a paper should perk the professor’s interest, and usually your grade.

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