Ideas on How to Combine Leisure, Studies and Work in College

Ideas on How to Combine Leisure, Studies and Work in CollegeDo you remember the last time you visited a circus? If you do, you should for sure remember deft juggler holding five, seven, or even eleven balls in the air without letting them down. Do you believe it's so easy as it seems? Not in the least! The earnest of his success is well-tried succession of movements, control over each of the balls, and total concentration on the activity he performs. And now imagine that the juggler on the arena is you, the balls he juggles are different spheres of your life. Do you manage to combine all of them as successfully as he manages to juggle colorful balls?

Though it may seem strange, but one of the ways to cope with different activities is to learn to "juggle" them. And the more you master this skill the better results you have. It's not that you should change them all the time or close the account with your right hand and write an essay research paper or thesis with the left. It's all about the ability to maintain them so that not a single one runs away. It becomes possible when you can organize your schedule in the best possible way, pay proper attention to each activity, and concentrate upon the one you do at the moment. As a lot of other young people, you are to cope with three main activities: studies in college, work, and leisure. Let's look how this method works!

• The first idea is an efficient schedule, or in other words time management. Like a juggler has chosen the best succession of movements to keep the balls up and control them, you should organize your activities the way you find it the most comfortable. For instance, you can't influence your schedule in the university, but you are free to choose working hours. Then try to put one after another, long breaks are often spent on roaming around. If you can't avoid that, fill such breaks with something useful, like sports or self-development.

• The second piece of advice concerns attention distribution. There is one important thing that needs to be stressed: although these activities are of different value in your eyes, make sure to pay SOME attention to each of them. Otherwise, the ball you've lost from your field of view will inevitably fall down. Another question is to decide, how much time and efforts to devote to each sphere. To do this, you are to establish priorities. Do you find studies to be of primarily importance? Then two working hours a day are enough to get some first experience. Or maybe this job is extremely challenging and exactly what you were dreaming about? You may devote more time to it if all the necessary papers for your classes are ready and you feel prepared for the final test. Anyway after so many intensive activities, don't forget to relax in a good company or to return to your hobbies.

• Finally, form a habit to concentrate as much as possible on the task you perform and not to divert your attention on other things. Very often when overloaded with affairs, we can't stop worrying about it; therefore, whatever we do, we are reproducing the same thought: "There are too many things to do. I can't cope with all of them." Thus, we are worrying instead of acting and in the long run we really fail to succeed. On the other hand, if concentrated on the task, we manage to do it better and quicker, so you we have more time for the next activities.

Tip: Never despond if something goes wrong; try to analyze the problem, correct a mistake, or begin all over again. Be flexible and open to changes!

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