6 Tips for Recent Grads

Graduating with a degree was always seen as a key to securing yourself a job. However, in this economic climate it is all about promoting yourself and standing out from the hundreds of competitors you’re up against. However the search for graduate jobs needn’t be daunting if you spend time preparing for it. Follow our top tips for recent graduates to help kick start your job hunt.

Perfect your CV

Make sure your CV is up to scratch. There is a lot of help and advice out there to get you started from workshops, guidance from your careers office and online websites where you can also get CV templates. Always remember to adapt each CV to the role you are applying for, using the job description to highlight your key skills and qualifications which they are looking for.

Use the resources available

There are hundreds of resources available to search for job opportunities. Don’t forget to cover all the main sources such as graduate and general job sites, university careers service, newspapers, job agencies and job fairs. Also avoid just looking for permanent jobs, be more flexible and consider doing an internship or graduate placement as all you need is a foot through the door.

Do your research

Think about what industry you wish to work in and research everything about it. Find out what companies are in the sector, the type of jobs that are available, starting salaries and career progression routes you could potentially take. The more knowledgeable you are about the industry the more interested and passionate you will come across in interviews.
Use Social Media

More and more people are being offered jobs after simply tweeting and connecting with employers online. Increase your presence online by using social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn to find job vacancies and connect with employers. This not only helps you find job opportunities but also can increase your knowledge of the industry you wish to work in. Remember to make sure the content on your profile is appropriate and professional.


Networking can help dramatically reduced the time you spend looking for vacancies and sending out your CV. It’s highly advised for job seekers to contact their friends and family as they are the most likely to go out of their way to help you seek new opportunities or speak to contacts they may have. Also speaking to lecturers, old employers or colleagues can be also a good starting point to help kick start your career.

Don’t give up

Remember to stay positive as the recruitment process will be tough and you will need to put a lot of effort in but your motivation will be the key to your success at gaining the job you want.

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