Top 10 Most Influential Books for College Students

All set for the roller coaster ride? That’s what college life is all about. New friends, diverse culture, sundry outlook, antagonistic opinions and so on and so forth, that is exactly what college life is all about. No matter what you need to survive amidst this blend of diversities and more importantly live your life. 

Later on, when you will contemplate about these days, you will be amazed to find out that these were the most precious years of your life. The first thing that you need to focus on, apart from studies, as you enter college is socializing with new friends and appreciating the novel things that you are getting exposed to. One immortal thing that can aid you to accommodate yourself in the new environment is “books” – fictions, self development or any kind to books. Here is a list of the 10 most influential books that are going to have a lasting impact on your life.

1. To Kill a Mockingbird

In this novel, Harper Lee narrates an incident in a small county in South America through the eyes of a six year old girl Scout. This novel has emerged as a classic American tale as for the first time a white man stands up to protect the right of a black individual and tries his best to safeguard him against racial discrimination.

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2. The Kite Runner

Khaled Hosseini portrays before the readers a comprehensive picture about the political, cultural and social scenario of a predominantly Muslim nation Afghanistan through the compassionate story of small Afghani boy.

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3. Beloved

This is definitely one of the best novels by Toni Morrison where she recounts the tale of an African American slave Sethe who escapes from the bondage by taking shelter in a free state of America but soon enough an order arrives whereby they are being ordered to return to their plantation. As a result she kills her daughter Beloved in the fear of getting recaptured. This novel is inspired from a true story and is definitely an exemplar of humanity at its best.

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4. Pride and Prejudice

Set in the backdrop of 19th century in England, through this novel Jane Austen presents before us a vivid picture of the culture, sensitivity, mannerism and customs of the gentryclass of England. This story continues to amaze the readers of the 21st century because of its complex depiction of human psychology.

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5. The Alchemist

This novel by Paulo Coelho will certainly help you redirect your thought process and motivate you to believe in your own self.

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6. Wuthering Heights

This Bronte classic will leave you totally flabbergasted that how strong emotions like “love” and “hatred” brought about complete devastation in the life of the two familiesEarnshaw’s and the Linton.

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7. The Diary of Anne Frank

This true story will provide the readers with a vivid description of the atrocities of the Nazi rule and how this small girl and her family survived it.

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8. Gone with the Wind

This story will help you to get a clear picture of the effect of the American Civil War in the life of the common people and how the protagonist of the Margaret Mitchell accepted all the challenges bravely and fought with it for the sake of her own family. It will assist the readers to amass the spirit of fighting it out for your own and your family’s sake.

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9. The Shack

This is one of the best selling novels by William P. Young that recounts the tale of Mackenzie Philip whose daughter get abducted and killed by a serial killer. The story depicts his persistent endeavor to find out his daughter’s body and he did manage it at last.

10. A Tale of Two Cities

Set in the background of the French Revolution this novel is going to present before you a dramatic picture of the fight of the peasant class against the aristocrats of the society.

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These are some of the must reads before you start your college life. Through the various stales narrated in these books you will be able to modernize and rationalize your thought process and also face the various challenges that are going to face in the right spirit.

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Top 10 Books Every College Student Should Read

Throughout history, there has been a wide variety of books written. In case you are not familiar with the top 10 books every college student should read, we share a list along with important facts. Many times people may look at the ones with books as strange creatures. For instance, you may notice someone who is reading a book on the subway in the squares and in barbershops - and immediately judge. Truth is, reading is culture, if you take a book and read it, you learn something so far unknown. 


Reading enriches our lives, reading can teach us things that help us improve our relationships and friendships - teach us new things and open up a world of new possibilities. People cannot pretend to be just beautiful on the outside beauty to the eyes of those who look at us. College students must read important books to understand what is going on. Many recent titles are inspired on traditional papers and books. It is no good if you buy a nice dress when you do not stop to talk or transmit anything on the contrary.

In our opinion, every college student should read the following books: 

1. The Conservative Mind written by Russell Kirk 
2. Natural Right and History written by Leo Strauss 
3. The Illiad written by Homer 
4. Mere Christianity written by C. Lewis 
5. The Abolition of Man written by C. Lewis 
6. King Lear written by William Shakespeare 
7. Aeneid written by Virgil 
8. The Road to Serfdom written by Friedrich von Hayek 
9. Orthodoxy written by G.K. Chesterton 
10. Animal Farm written by George Orwell 

Reading books is going beyond reading fashion magazines and random gossip. The above titles will bring many benefits. They can provide the knowledge you require to become a wise and better person. Having the wisdom of the books is not easy, but the books are at your fingertips, and the contents in them will certainly amaze you! 


You need to get prepared. Set your mind and begin the books adventure. Resolve to read, especially reading books that can teach you. Try to at least read one of the above titles every month. These books will provide you the good things to ensure growth. College students are always more aware of things pertaining to their hearts, and they tend to think that reading books can not contribute anything to this effect, so they just ignore reading.

It is very important to read. Today you can find a wide range of books and very cheap options. At times, you may find used books. The above books are among the top ones so you will find used and affordable books. In addition, you will identify a book that fits your life, including tips and knowledge that can help you build better relationships. 

Are you ready to expand your vocabulary? You need to keep going. Do you spend time and money on books? Did you know good titles can help you battle insomnia? Are you familiar with any of the above books? Share your comments today!

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