Top 10 MBA Schools and What They Offer

What top 10 MBA schools offer and is it beneficial to join them? Students face these types of question every day. Let us talk about these schools and learn why they are different.

Among hundreds and thousands of MBA schools around the globe, institutions that fit in the list of top schools offer much more than others. Courses, learning method, facilities, and infrastructure of these top business education providers are unique. They not only provide education but also help students to achieve their goal in building a bright career for themselves.

Top 10 MBA schools are:

1. Stanford, CA, USA
2. Harvard, Boston, USA
3. Insead, France
4. Cambridge, UK
5. Instituto de Empresa, Madrid, Spain
6. Cranfield, UK
7. SDA Bocconi, Milano, Italy
8. Queen's, Kingston, Ontario
9. HEC-Montreal, Montreal, Quebec
10. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA

Courses They Offer

Top MBA schools around the globe offer traditional education program and specialized courses. These education processes help students understand business principles and show them the path towards success.

Here is a list of popular MBA courses.

Mini MBA - This course is designed to train employees of profit or non-profit organizations in the basic principles of business. It enhances capability of employees of maintaining business better than before. Generally, this course takes less than 100 hours to complete, unless there are other courses joined to it. 

Accelerated MBA - Accelerated or fast-track MBA course is laden with frequent examination and classes. Its duration is 2 years and students get to learn everything about modern business through this time period. As there are no recess in this course, therefore, students are less distracted from studies.

Full Time Course - Full time MBA is a 2 year course. However, the time frame can be extended by adding some other specialized courses. This education program teaches students about the values and ethics of business while helping them to understand how to compete in the modern business market.

Course for Working Professionals - This course is for professionals who are already in the business management sector. This course helps them to expand their horizons of knowledge. This education program follows a scientific approach that provides a broad perspective of business to professionals. Generally, it takes 1 year to complete this course. 

Online Courses - Business education through online platform proves to be of great help for students. This course is considered to be the latest fruit of technological advancement. It reduces the need to attend classes in academic institutions. Duration of this course is flexible.


Rise of business education importance has compelled our society to concentrate on building a unique infrastructure for betterment of students. Therefore, business schools all over the world take great care in offering ultra modern facilities and improvised learning system to students. Every institution has a broad campus for students, which creates proper environment for education. Administrative offices, student development center, hostels, recreation rooms, and exercising rooms are equipped with proper instrument to help students stay motivated and entertained. Let us point out other facilities that these institutions offer:

  • 24-hour library access
  • Auditorium for seminars and theatres
  • Video conferencing privileges
  • Internet access facility
  • Spacious classrooms
  • Sports fields
  • Indoor game room

Objective of These Institutions

These institutes are considered to be best in business education because they offer best education and facilities to students. They have left behind the rigid text book education process and accepted modern learning methodology to keep students motivated and also to create a better breed of leaders in business management sector. Another objective of these institutions is to help students understand the basic principle of business. This training, through MBA courses, helps students satisfy clients and build a healthy client-manager relationship.

Andrew Kurnikove is a business education researcher. He currently resides in Australia. His research show that institutions which come in the list of top 10 MBA schools, offer more facilities to students than any other. Here he is sharing his knowledge with us on different types of facilities and MBA courses offered by these institutions.

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