The Power of Self-Discipline in Studying for the Finals

Self-discipline in work and study is a must. Do you want to learn how to study for the finals? Today we will talk about self-discipline, something very necessary to fulfill your plans and study time. It will probably take a few weeks to get used to it and for this reason we speak of self-discipline. 

Self-discipline may be defined as the ability to carry out an action for yourself, regardless of your emotional state. This is what will allow you to successfully meet your goals and plans of study. There are three pillars on which this rests: 

1. Acceptance. This is total conviction to undertake a challenge, a goal, task, new habits. 

2. Willpower. Determination of total time to do your homework, get no excuses and in good spirits. 

3. Effort and perseverance. We talked about perseverance and effort (we recommend you to read it). 

How to strengthen self-discipline 

If you want to study for the finals, you need self-discipline. This is like a muscle; the more you train the stronger it gets and the less you train the weaker. Muscle training and training to strengthen self-discipline have much in common. If at the beginning of training you put an undue burden on the muscle perhaps the only thing you achieve is damage. Gradually, you have to try and go with little weight increased little by little, as you gain strength. 

With self-discipline it goes something like this. You should gradually strengthen your skills. It is important that you set goals to achieve success, but close to your limit. As you are strengthening, your success should be increasing your "charges" and expanding your limit up. Study in advance so you can increase your chances of a good grade. 

This will serve you for many things in life. It will be useful not only to improve your studies, but at work, in all your personal challenges, etc. It can be one of the most precious personal treasures. 

An example of self-discipline

Suppose you want to develop the ability to study four hours a day without falling into real distractions and other wastes of time. This will help you get the best grades ever!

  • First day: you try and get it. 
  • Second day: complete failure. Four hours is too long for you. So get to work ... We will train.
  • Third day: one hour and rest; 
  • Fourth day: two hours and rest; 
  • Fifth day: two hours and rest; 
  • Sixth day: three hours and rest; 
  • Seventh day: three hours and rest; 
  • Eighth day: four hours! 

That is, we must continue the progress towards implementing training. You may need a fortnight or a month to get four hours of study quality, with good concentration, with no distractions and extraordinary performance. Although you used a long time to achieve what is important is that you have the determination, willpower, effort and perseverance to achieve it. At the end you will succeed. 

Remember to be active in control of your study evaluating your results. As previously mentioned, keep in mind that you will need acceptance, will, effort and perseverance. 

Are you ready to dispose yourself to developing your self-discipline? Are you convinced that this will help you become a better student? Are you worried about your finals? Don’t give up and change your patterns. This will help you gain confidence, too.  

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