5 Easy Tips on How to Improve Grammar

Whether you like it or not, the grammatical structure of a foreign language is something you are to work tooth and nail on. As far as it differs greatly from the one of your native language, you are to get it all together and make ready for a long struggle. Don’t give the way to despair for the game is worth the candle. Profound and working knowledge of grammar shows your proficiency in a language and gives you an opportunity to work with it on different levels: interpretation, writing activities, participation in different conferences and discussions. To improve your grammar, you are to take in consideration several tips.

  1. In the course of a brief revision, make sure you understand all the rules and constructions you’ve already learnt. Moving further without good basic knowledge means wasting time and efforts.
  2. Try to structure the material in a way you find it the most comfortable. Schemes, tables, and diagrams often turn mere verbiage into a well-organized system, and the ones invented yourself are always better to memorize.
  3. Don’t be obstinate in looking for direct equivalents to grammatical phenomena and constructions between the languages, it’s simply useless. Grammar reflects the way of structuring thoughts established in this or that language during centuries that’s why each of them has its own peculiarities. For example, there are three genders in English and German but two of them in French; three tenses in the Slavic languages give place to several of them in the Romanic ones. Sometimes, it’s better just to take into consideration “untranslatable” phenomena as they are and practice them in usage.
  4. The key to grammar of any language is hidden on the last page of the workbook. In this case quantity really means quality: the more exercises you’ve done, the better results you have. 
  5. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, they are very helpful to find out gaps in our knowledge and direct attention straight at the problem. In the long run, your interlocutor will for sure understand you despite some inaccuracies in grammar, and the next time after necessary practice you’ll for sure avoid them.
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