Top 30 Book Reports and Book Reviews for Students

Every student studying in high school, college, or university is probably familiar with how to write a book report or book review, but sometimes it is hard to come up with fresh, creative, and suitable ideas for a paper. What is the difference between writing a book report and a book review?

When writing a book report you have to present the content and structure of a book paying attention to the details. You should be as objective as possible. In the book report you not only summarize the content but also analyze the structure, without comparison. The purpose of the book report is to provide the reader with sufficient information so he/she could decide whether it’s worth reading.

When writing a book review you will need to provide descriptive and critical or evaluative account of a book. The same as with the book report you will need to summarize the content and analyze the structure, yet you will also be required to evaluate a book and recommend (or not recommend) it to the readers.

The following list of the most popular books assigned for reading according to the high school or college curriculum will provide you with relevant sample papers, which summarize the content and analyze the structure of a particular book. Book report and book review samples also include valuable facts and fresh ideas, which can be considered when writing your own paper.

A Clockwork Orange
Anna Karenina
Animal Farm
A Tale of Two Cities
Brave New World
Crime and Punishment
Fahrenheit 451
Harry Potter
Heart of Darkness
Invisible Man
Jane Eyre
Lord of the Flies
Lord of the Rings
Of Mice and Men
The Crucible
The Grapes of Wrath
The Hobbit
The Scarlett Letter
The Old Man and the Sea
The Little Prince
The Brothers Karamazov
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Tell-Tale Heart
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Stranger
The Kite Runner
The Color Purple
War and Peace
Wuthering Heights

If the sample book report and book review doesn’t cover some points about the book or contain enough information, you are welcome to ask for help.

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