5 Success Tips For College Students

These days and age you can’t afford to waste money or time. With the rising costs in college tuition's this is especially true. More and more students are failing or dropping out of classes every year. While times are difficult, students can often still do much better than they are if they just balance their loads better. Here are some things they can do.

Success Tips for College Students

Don’t Go Overboard on Classes

There are many students who try to be over-achievers and take on 18 hours or more a semester and then they can’t keep up. In the end they actually delay their graduation dates even longer because they have to drop a class or two and barely pass some of the others. It is better to take 12 hours and ace them than take 18 and have to drop two. Another thing to consider is what subjects are difficult for you. If you have trouble with Spanish, then don’t overload classes in the same semester you are taking Spanish. Take it a little lighter and focus more on your difficult subject to make sure you pass.

The Professor Is Your Friend

Every professor is required to set aside office hours to help their students but most students never utilize this resource. Going to the instructor, or even the T.A., can be a huge help. Not only that it shows the professor you are serious about passing their class and this makes them more likely to cut you some slack or work with you on any issues you may have.

On the Job

In an ideal world you wouldn’t have to work much in college but of course we know the world isn’t ideal at all. Working 40 hours a week while in school is recipe for burn out. There are many people do it, but they take fewer classes and they are constantly stressed by it. If at all possible try not to work as much in college or find a job with more flexible hours.  

Be True to Yourself

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. You know how you function best and how you study. If you are a night owl don’t take an 8 A.M. class. It will end in disaster or at the very least you will be miserable. Do you study better in the afternoon? Then arrange your schedule to give you free time then. Do you like to work evenings or weekends? Plan around that accordingly.

Earning a college degree is not an easy task by any means, the last thing you want is to be your own worst enemy.

Jeff Jordan writes and lives in Southern California. One good place to take online university courses is at Trident University.

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