TOP 10 Online Resources for Students

The students are lucky to study nowadays since there are already a lot of resources available on the web which make a student life a lot easier. With today’s technology, everything is just one click away. Would you believe that even social networking sites have advantages for students’ studies? However, with thousands of web based resources available, it’s hard to distinguish which one is the best among the rest. Well, below, there are 10 top online resources for students in no particular order.

Web Based Resources for Every Student

 1. Google Scholar

The most commonly used research tool on the internet is Google. When you have an assignment or when your professor has assigned you a topic to research, you then open the browser and directly type “”. Yet there are times when you are unsatisfied with the results. And that is when Google Scholar comes into play. It is a search engine for academic literature, articles, theses, and even books.

2. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia. Though the content of this online encyclopedia is not accurately verified, it is still a good start in doing any type of research.

3. Internet Public Library

Internet Public Library is a website run by both librarians and students providing reliable academic resources with specific links to online articles.

4. netTrekker

netTrekker is a search engine for educational resources and websites, both for students and teachers.

5. Grolier

Grolier contains a bunch of online encyclopedias commonly used by elementary and secondary students.

6. Discovery Education Streaming

If you want educational lessons, images, and even videos, just go to Discovery Education Streaming. It offers exact details of information which students will love to explore.

7. Tennessee Electronic Library

Tennessee Electronic Library provides thousands of online resources including test materials, eBooks, videos, journals, magazines, and even census records.

8. YouTube

Aside from watching videos, you can also use YouTube in an academic way. If you find following certain instructions in print a bit hard, then go to YouTube and search for a video tutorial. 

9. iTunes U

iTunes is not only for music. It has an app called iTunes U where a professor can upload lectures for free for his students to download.

10. Facebook

Facebook is not just for posting pictures and updating status. It can also be used for group discussions between students.  

With today’s innovation, internet is every student’s best ally. Researching, blogging, and even socializing is just a single click away. When you have a computer with an internet connection, you will no longer find it hard to do a research for your assignment or ask your classmate about your project. As you can see, academic life nowadays is already made easy. And with the top online resources for students, learning is already hassle free.

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