How to Write a Personal Statement

You should be well-prepared to write a personal statement and approach it with great responsibility since this is your chance to get into the graduation school.

There are some things that you should consider when writing your personal statement. You should add a little of your personality in there. You may talk about your life and everything that you do, how great you are, but what it is important to add a little bit of yourself into your letter. Don’t feel that you have to make it professional and perfect that you can’t tell them who you are or what you are about. You should describe what you plan to do with your education at this particular school. This also requires you knowing about the program you are applying to, what kind of things they do, what kind of people they produce and what you think you might do afterwards. You should be able to answer a question “Why are going to go to graduation school?” You should be very honest with the people you are writing to.

Finally, if you are sitting down writing your personal statement and just can’t figure out why you want to go to school there, what you are going to do, then maybe you should take a little break from school for a while. Think about grad school, what you want to do with it and save yourself some time and money from applying to lots of schools that you are not really sure you want to go to.

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