Tips on How to Write a Resume

Sooner or later, each of us faces the necessity to write a resume or curriculum vitae (CV), another word for it. It is not evaluated with the grade, it doesn’t influence a course grade; the role resume (CV) plays in our life is more important for it is our spokesman before the employer. To put it short, a resume (CV) is a one- or two-page writing where a job seeker presents his/her education, work experience, skills in order to persuade an employer to provide him/her with a job. To write it in a proper way, you are to take into consideration a number of requirements that are typical for this genre.

What to write in a resume (content)?

  1. Work experience: not only full-time jobs; underworking, babysitting, and other occupations of that kind should be presented here. Volunteer activities may be included in the resume (CV) or enumerated in a separate list.
  2. Education: you are to mention elementary and higher education, advanced training courses, courses in foreign languages, refresher courses, if any.
  3. Military experience, if any.
  4. Achievements in other spheres: sport awards, participation in some creative projects or contests.

How to write a resume (style)?

  1. Be brief and meaty: try to make the most efficient use of the one or two pages you have, present information in a form of items, keep in mind that your working experience and education are two the most important things.
  2. Be persuasive: explain why you are the right man for this job. Avoid overpraising yourself or flattering your employer; try to sound argumentative and use facts to support your claims.
  3. Be honest! Never resort to false data to get a job for in the majority of cases, information is being checked. Even if not caught, you’ll be for sure asked to perform the functions “you were already occupied with”. In order not to seek for excuses, tell about the experience you really have.

Technical specification.

  1. Try to scram all the information in two pages.
  2. The most popular typefaces are: Times New Roman, Souvenir, Palatino Linotype, Bookman Old Style, Courier New.
  3. Use size 12 so that your employer doesn’t have to strain to read the information. There should be one space between lines and double space between paragraphs.
  4. In the top right corner give your contact information: your first and last names, address, phone number, e-mail; in the top left corner write the name, position, place of employment, and its address of the employer. Then shift it several lines below.
  5. Check your resume (CV) to avoid mistakes in grammar and punctuation.

Good luck with your resume!

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