Persuasive Essay Tips For Students

Are you looking for tips to develop the top persuasive essay? This is not so hard, yet, you may need to fully focus. By going for an extensive research, you may be able to write a wonderful paper! Stick to your decision of developing a breathtaking persuasive essay. If you are not a good writer, take a chance and change it all around. You can develop your skills today! It is never too late to get going.

Some persuasive essay tips

The order of cause and effect is obvious, among others, you can expose it through the following links: therefore, consequently, as a result. The use of links in the writing helps illustrate relationships between ideas, however, it is necessary to treat this resource sparingly to avoid overloading the text. This can make it much more interesting. You don’t need to go for a lengthy paper, the top ideal phrases will do! 


Rhetoric is the art of good words, give the language effectively to please, persuade, or move. This is usually associated with public speaking, being a pioneer in this art, the concern to use all possible means to achieve its persuasive effect. The persuasive essay, as a form of literature that stands the desire to convince, the rhetoric has as one of the mainstream media. 

Within the rhetorical tools we find:

  • Figures of speech and figures of significance 

Figures of speech, to adorn the text at its phonetic or sound, have key role in poetry. In contrast, significant figures, which are what allow highlighting an idea, but play an important role in other literary genres, have special participation in the trial. The following discusses some of these figures can be applied in the persuasive essay. In the essay, figures of speech should be used sparingly and fully justified. They need to be at the service of fundamental ideas that you want to promote. 


The persuasive essay is a modern genre. Therefore, a product reflects contemporary practicality. Consequently, its language must be direct without losing elegance, simplicity even as demand careful thoroughness and their content requires accurate information, but rejects the superficial details. 


The essayist has to tell you what to say and shut up the unnecessary. Plan your approach carefully and express everything with few words as possible. 

We shall ensure that everything written is against unnecessary rhetoric, vagueness, repetition, inconsistency. To this end you must plan. Investigate, implement and review everything.  

In short, the style of your work will be genuinely educational, sober, simple, unaffected, and without accusing other concerns the order and clarity. This will allow you to persuade in a hidden manner. Use subtle techniques and get the best out of it! You will be impressed with the outcome.

Do you feel overwhelmed whenever your teacher assigns a persuasive essay? Do you think essay examples, for instance, can help you develop a quality paper? Are you seeking for techniques to improve your writing? Do you see yourself as a professional writer? Do you believe essay samples can affect your final performance?

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Top 50 Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essays, also known as persuasive essays are those where the writer not only expresses his or her own opinion, but also presents an argument with the PROS (supporting ideas) and CONS (opposing ideas) to the reader. An argumentative essay can be written about any subject that people can debate. But in order to argue about a topic you should completely understand it and be prepared to present strong and convincing arguments. When writing an essay on the argumentative topic you should clearly take your stand and try to persuade your audience to adopt new beliefs or behavior, supported by reasons and evidences.

Students usually choose serious topics for their argumentative essays such as drug abuse, feminism, gun control, global warming, etc. Yet you can argue just about anything and start a debate on why cell phones are dangerous, or should uniforms be allowed in schools, for example.

If you are not sure what to write about, below is the list of the most popular argumentative essay topics with links to sample papers.

Animal Rights
Birth Control
Capital Punishment/Death Penalty
Child Abuse
Civil Rights
Domestic Violence
Drug Abuse
Eating Disorders
Genetic engineering
Global warming
Gun control
Hate crimes
Health care reform
Human rights
Juvenile offenders
Media violence
Medical care
National security
Nuclear weapons
Renewable energy
Same sex marriage
School violence
Sex education
Sexual behavior
Social security
Teenage pregnancy
Welfare reform
Women's rights

Tip: Choose a topic you are interested in, research it thoroughly, gather as much information as possible, and then start drafting your own essay presenting an interesting argument supported by facts, and your own opinion. Good luck!

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