4 Useful Student Tips on How to Pass an Exam in College or University

Being a college student is not as easy as it may seem to be: all the stuff connected to the educational process, such as lectures and projects, undermining for some young people and volunteer activities for others, sport and hobbies. And one fine day you face an additional problem, passing exams. For a considerable part of students these are often hot times, but in each university there are several lucky men who succeed in this inevitable part of studies. You’d like to be among them, wouldn’t you? There are some useful tips to take into consideration.

  1. Frankly speaking, in most cases the devil is not so black as he is painted and the tasks prepared by the professors are quite feasible provided you have at least general idea about the subject. So, your efforts should be aimed at getting this general idea first and moving to more specific items further.
  2. Begin your revision with the notes you’ve taken throughout the lectures since a great number of professors are in the habit of asking the very things they explained. Make copies of the notes your classmate has in his copy-book if you feel that you miss too much material.
  3. If you are provided with the list of questions or tasks you’ll get at the exam, try to group those of them which are similar in separate blocks. In such a way, you’ll be prepared not for each question, but for each block of questions. Maybe, you’ll miss some very specific details but you’ll have an overview of all the items and spare some time.
  4. Are you going to make small cheat sheets for the exams? Actually, why not? These tiny pieces of paper contain the most important and difficult to memorize information in a condensed form so that you’ll for sure keep it in mind even some time after passing your exams. To prepare cheat sheets, you are to spend certain time and efforts, so don’t be ashamed of this activity. And don’t forget to … forget them at home! They’ve already played their role, you are only to reap the fruits when passing the exam.
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4 Great Tips to Prepare for a Test in One Hour

Any preparation is aimed first of all at the revision of the material you’ve already learned and its organizing in the logical way. Imagine a big cellar full of any possible stuff which is piled everywhere around. In the majority of cases, after a series of lectures a student’s head looks alike: notions, numbers, and events are scattered all over here and there, while the connections between these pieces of information are lost or tangled. When preparing for the test, you are to introduce proper order in your head, find some small shelf for each idea or theorem, gather spilled beads in a nice necklace. How to succeed with such a task in one hour?

  1. Keep in mind the main idea of the preparation. Don’t waste time on learning things you haven’t learned earlier, you’ll fail both with learning and with revision. Still, there are much more material you already know which has to be organized in a proper way. It’s high time to do it!
  2. Instead of reading books, look through the notes you’ve taken during classes: they present the same material in a condensed form plus the ideas your teacher is eager to hear. If you feel that your notes are too poor, make copy of the ones of your friend. 
  3. If you have some extra 15 minutes, make cheat sheets for the information you find extremely difficult to memorize: numbers, names, etc. When writing, you make your memory work more efficiently, so that you’ll for sure recollect the necessary information later.
  4. Tables and schemes are always easier to memorize than a page full of lines. Transform your information in the guide-book with all the vital destinations underlined and set off in other print, and you’ll get much more use of it during the test. Be creative, choose the method which helps you better than the others!
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