10 Tips to Avoid the Freshman 15

College is a time when people get excited about meeting new people and being out on their own. With this freedom comes the freedom to eat whatever they want. However, most people have heard of the dreaded “freshman 15”. It's a scary myth that scares college students everywhere. If you are heading to college soon―or you are in college―you don't have to be afraid of the “freshman 15”.

Here are 10 tips to avoid the dreaded “freshman 15”.


Exercise is the most important part of keeping yourself healthy. College is a busy time, but always make time for exercise―you will be glad you did.

Beware of beer

Beer is full of calories. If you like to drink, drink only on the weekends. Although it's fun to drink, your weight will suffer from it.

Avoid late night snack runs

Because you will be staying up ridiculous hours, you will get hungry around 2-3 am. Make sure that you are going to bed on time or not going on the snack runs.

Stick with salad

If you are eating at your school cafeteria, make sure that you stick with the salad. Avoid the fried food.

Eat a good breakfast

Don't skip breakfast. Eating breakfast can help get you going in the morning.

Don't eat straight out of a bag or carton

You will tend to eat more if you eat right out of the bag.

Keep a food journal

Writing down what you eat will help you curb what you are eating.

Avoid vending machines

Even if it is just for a snack, make sure to avoid the vending machines. There are some healthy choices in the vending machines, but it can get way too tempting.

Get enough sleep

If you are tired, don't snack to stay awake. If you sleep like a regular person, you will be able to avoid the late night snacking.

Drink lots of water

Water can help you stay full. Stay hydrated and healthy.

Keep your weight under control in college. You might have to avoid the late night snack parties and beer drinking parties, but you will be glad you did. Just remember, maintaining a healthy weight in college can help you when you get older. You will be cultivating the habits that you will have when you get older. It can be a little tricky, but well-worth it.


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