Doing Sports vs. Studying in College

For some students, a sport is not just a hobby but it is also part of their future. Many parents share this dream and see their children at the top and winning big money. But the road to becoming a professional athlete is not really easy. Not only because, although, there are many who try very few succeed, but also because it involves much effort and sacrifices. Giving up college or some other aspects may become hard. Below you will find some facts and generalities.

Experiences and Reality

Along with all the undoubted benefits of sport and the experiences acquired by the teen-fellowship that is created in the travel and training, the experiences they gain and the countries they visit, to mention a few examples, the path to becoming a professional athlete is hard and can bring the risk that the pleasure of playing may become a huge obsession. For instance, sometimes, excessive hours of training have implied that students lose key experiences according to their age; they must give up their friends and family time and even their studies. This is where the family plays a very important role. 

Parents are the key

Parents are a key part of the gear needed to help a teenager become a professional athlete. Family is essential to support young adults in their desire to engage in sport, should serve as a reference at a time when the student ceases to be a fan and starts training seriously. Experts claim that if parents are involved appropriately - in all aspects - the result is very positive.   

Playing should be a pleasure 

Studying is always important. Knowledge is the key to success. Yet, online education allows following a different path without the need of limiting yourself. One of the biggest problems arises when parents have high expectations. The pleasure of playing should always remain or else this can become a complete obsession. Believe it or not, some parents want their son / daughter to become a pro. They somehow pressure them way too much. Luckily, some others encourage them to follow their dreams. 

In addition, parents should simply play their role of parents, and not try to meet the coach’s responsibility. For example, a parent does not usually go to see the math teacher to tell him or her how to teach the class, in sports they should not either question the methodology and the decisions of the coach, even if they seem wrong. Moreover, as all experts agree, it is not good that teenagers simply abandon their studies, not even if their future is very promising. It is important that, despite the training hours that are required by some sports, they make time to continue their classes, at least online! Not just because they cannot really tell what can happen soon but odds are, they may not always be able to manage to live on sports.  

This is great in order to avoid isolation due to the competition environment.   

Truth is, sometimes you win but sometimes you may lose. Being determined is always important. Yet, how about thinking long-term to avoid feeling disappointed? Living expectations free may help. Go step by step and follow your dreams. 

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