Tips to Crack TOEFL and IELTS Successfully

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System) are two very important exams used by international universities to evaluate the expertise of an applicant in the English language. It is almost impossible to crack these tests successfully without proper preparation in advance. Besides TOEFL Tuitions, the official websites of these exams would help you get all the basic information and essential instructions. You can also buy the official guides in order to access a fair amount of practice materials. However, do not consider these guide books as the ultimate solution for cracking the exams. These are basically intended to make students acquainted with the structure and pattern of the tests. Besides these books, you must follow some other tips to crack these two exams:

Prepare for the reading segment

  • You need to train your eyes with the pattern of the passages used in the tests. Hence, read a lot. Go through as many English texts on a wide range of topics as you possibly can. 
  • Keep yourself up-to-date by following major media outlets as well as science magazines. You can find numerous interesting resources covering millions of recent topics on them.

Get ready for the listening part 

  • Try to listen to plenty of passages, lectures and conversations as much as possible. Televised shows or the online library of popular sites like can help you get ready for this section to a large extent.
  • Generally, passages given in this section are based on interesting topics. These are easy-to-follow and come with clear composition. Hence, you do not need to worry too much about this part.

Plan for the speaking section 

While practicing speaking at home, keep a timer handy. It will help you deal with the effective speaking time which is quite limited. 

  • Is there anyone in your family, relatives or friends circle with strong knowledge of the language? If yes, then take their help in strengthening your own English. Speak on diverse issues and ask for their views on your performance.
  • Self-assessment is another great way to prepare for this segment efficiently. Record your own speeches and carry out a self-evaluation.
  • Make sure that you use connectors in your answers. It signals your proficiency in creating a well thought-out and logical answer in the language.

Practice for the writing section

  • Identify recent issues and focus on them. Practice writing several passages on those topics.
  • While preparing for the writing section, you must remember that each idea should be covered separately in different paragraphs. Your write-ups must be compact enough to show strong relations between all parts.

Sometimes preparation is not enough to crack the tests like TOEFL or IELTS successfully. Whether spoken or written, you must be confident in generating your opinions. Also, do not forget to cross check your answers. Otherwise, you might end up messing the entire test.

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