Top Mistakes When Writing a Thesis Statement

You should always remember about specific thesis statements recommendations. Truth is, you must master your writing skills. If you need guidance, simply find a tutorial or keep reading for a general overview. You can make it happen! You need to first get a general perspective on its main function. Your statements should always:

  • State the subject of your respective essay
  • State the main claim and or point
  • Since you will be arguing, you must examine details
  • Point out the main reasons that will deliver proper support
  • State subcategories or divisions, if you have this point clear, everything will be organized.

Some examples will help you avoid problems. You can browse online to find samples. In addition, look at some thesis statements of the 3 types: expository, augmentative and analytical. Don’t forget to expand your vocabulary as well. Try to ask for professional guidance to get proper feedback. 

Common Problems

After looking through the below common list of mistakes you will be ready to write the best thesis statements ever. 

  • Some fail to believe statements are like making assertions. This is wrong; it is all about an empty observation. For example, instead of claiming industrial emissions tend to contribute to unfortunate global warming, you can refer to the factors that actually lead to such matter. 
  • A thesis statement must be specific and narrow. Many people fail to understand this point.
  • Don’t miss out any step.
  • Statements must exceed essay scopes. This is not a difficult task. 
  • Most statements should not be wordy. They must be summarized at least in the introduction. You can later develop everything in subsequent paragraphs.


Each thesis statement should go straight to the point. Forget about unrelated points. Don’t rush onto its development. You must get enough data to get going. If you want to write a good paper, don’t forget to follow a basic structure. This will help you proceed in a good way. If you have no clue, look for samples and forget about boring writing experiences. You can unleash your inner potential without a single issue. If you’ve been struggling to draw a good thesis outline, don’t worry. Take a deep breath and begin to practice.

When you turn back your head to the past, you will realize, your writing skills have certainly improved. Don’t give up! You can make it happen. Don’t forget to put the above hints into practice. Before you know it, you will be delivering magnificent papers. You don’t need to guess, you simply need to expand your knowledge. By learning from mistakes, you will venture onto error free writing time. This may sound difficult but it is not complicated at all.

Are you willing to invest time on mastering your thesis writing skills? Do you think writing a thesis is hard? Have you been stuck due to thesis writing assignments? We are looking forward to hearing from your own perspective. Share comments today.

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