How to Win an Essay Contest

Winning an essay contest is not as hard as many believe. If you desire to be distinguished, you might want to consider focusing in a deep way. The top essay usually:

  • Is based on an exhaustive analysis of the topic. 
  • Includes other voices. 
  • Turns into literary theory.
  • Considers contemporary history. 
  • Displays analysis after getting in touch with the author own life experience.  

More Considerations

In order to write a marvelous essay the author must:

  • Elaborate an extensive analysis of his or her own feelings about the work. 
  • Go further and analyze all from many perspectives. 
  • Compare the work with situations of national politics. 
  • Include personal critical views about events in the country.
  • Remember to include good arguments. 

Copyright or not

Believe it or not, some are not trained to avoid plagiarism:

  • A student must recognize ideas borrowed from the teacher.
  • What happens next is that the students are not able to defend themselves because they do not understand what they’ve written; it is more like an interpretation coming from someone else. 
  • When the ideas were not born from the inspiration of the students, it happens that the jury soon notices such thing, hence arguments begin to fail.   

Keep in mind

A common difficulty is manifested and it has to do with the specific writing method:

  • Many fail to convey the main ideas in their work.
  • They do not get a structure that responds to an information plan.
  • The same idea should be supported from start to finish, so that the reader will recognize a clear thesis and its proper grounds. 
  • Some may expose a series of successive but unrelated ideas together.
  • It is necessary to organize the text in such a way that the reader can fully extract the thesis and see where it leads. 

So, you already know that in order to write a good essay many aspects are to be considered. If you want to increase your chances of winning an essay contest, remember to include:

  • An introduction
  • Body
  • And conclusion. 

Let's take a look at what is actually expected from each of these structural parts. While learning how to properly write an essay may not be easy, you need to remain focused. 

The essay introduction should at least answer 3 basic requirements: 

  • The student must clearly present the topic. 
  • The author must formulate the problem in a clear manner. 
  • No need to go into details in this part. 

When it comes to the development:

  • Remember to somehow go through the reflection and the aim of the specific solution. 
  • Must include relevant arguments. 

When moving onto the conclusion, this part should state the reflective process; this must be written in a consistent way considering the plot development. Finally, regarding the style, most experts recommend writing an essay in a simple and clear way. 

So, how to win an essay contest? If you want to succeed, don’t limit yourself. Pay attention to your grammar, spelling and don’t forget about the punctuation. You need to stress on key points. If you are feeling frustrated, simply relax and then get back to work. It is about finding breaks to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Don’t lose your faith, focus and stick to your work of winning.

Do you have any comments? Do you enjoy writing essays? Have you ever won an essay contest? We look forward to your own suggestions. Thanks! 

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