Tips on Keeping Up the Motivation Levels for Joint Entrance Examination

A student's life is filled with examinations, more often than not the information to remember is overloaded and time, short. Besides the stress, the above statement is true, more so for students who are taking an examination like Joint Entrance Exam (JEE). A student taking JEE must not only prepare for the test but also must focus on their Boards examination.

To do well, besides juggling time and studying for both the exams, a student must keep themselves motivated for a period of at least 2 years. A student often starts with great enthusiasm and zeal to ace the exam with flying colors but keeping themselves motivated for 2 years is not easy and the amount of information doesn't make things simpler. This is a common scenario that takes place in a student's life when he/she comes face-to-face with difficult topics or when it's just that day when things don't seem to keep moving as it should. The feeling of monotony or getting stuck in the same situation can seep in easily and then comes the need to pick themselves up.

These are the situations that can push a student to the verge of giving up. When the situation of ‘everything is lost’ arises, one should try something new:

  • Forming groups: If solitary monotony sets in, one can form a group of like-minded people to bounce off ideas. This will set things in motion.

  • Question self: When a topic is done, one should try to self-question regarding the same. Create questions of the topic like an examiner, as this will be a different take on learning and an engaging technique. The questions created can also be used later as a revision tool. 

  • Are books the only way? No. It's the age of online coaching, podcasts, and webinars. There are plenty of such sessions online to help one prepare for an exam like JEE. One can try these out to break the shackles.

  • Shuffle/Change the schedule: It's good to have a set schedule when one is preparing for such examinations, but having a stringent schedule can lead to boredom. Everyone needs a change in life and repetitiveness can leave a sour taste. To get out of such situations, one can look to juggle stuff around. A student, without compromising study hours can change his/her study time to stir things up and keep things fresh.

  • Break it down: Students usually get stuck when they come against a difficult topic and they see no way out. It is important to get it done rather than getting everything done in a day. One can break the topic down and make life easier itself.

  • Take time out for other activities: Infusing time for other activities in the daily schedule will keep a student fresh. It's a myth that students need to bury themselves in books to ace an exam. Too much of anything never yields the desired result. That also means that too much of other activities will hamper studies, so smart scheduling is required. It's good to get some fresh air from time to time or ordering a different type of cuisine once in a while, or meeting other humans.

The stress of these examinations and the weight of expectations can take a toll on students. When desired results don't yield, it is crucial to change the way things are getting done.

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Four Emerging Education Technologies You Should Know About

Although technological advancements have a profound impact on every facet of human existence, they have a very unique and significant way of permeating the world of education. As technological devices and electronic equipment become more functional and environment friendly, the process of educating an individual can be optimized to benefit both individual students and the communities in which they live. Below you will find four emerging technologies that are positively contributing to the educational sector:

1. Cloud Computing

 Cloud computing has become an essential component of the school environment over the last several months. Within the field of language, cloud-based software such as the Brazilian Electronic Learning Organizer enables language instructors to produce and subsequently share digital learning activities and objects with the students in their classrooms. 

Cloud-based software is also impacting the world of science as California State University Northridge created an initiative (the Computer Supported Collaborative Science initiative) which enabled teachers in Los Angeles-based schools to enrich the student's learning experience with cloud-based tools. And within the field of social studies, cloud computing has enabled students to participate in virtual exchange programs with schools in other countries. Within this framework, students are free to select and interrogate the subjects of their choice, including cuisine and dietetics. 

2. Mobile Learning

According to technology experts, there will be more than 7 billion mobile accounts by the end of the year. It is thus unsurprising to find that internet mobile traffic is projected to exceed desktop traffic and users of mobile devices will download about 70 billion apps for tablets and smartphones. Interestingly, educational apps are the second most frequently downloaded apps in iTunes across all categories. (This means that they pass both business and entertainment apps in terms of popularity.) 

In the mathematical sector, students can use devices populated with e-textbooks (you can find more information about getting e-textbooks on Jekkle) and mathematical apps to gain information, record measurements, and receive instruction. Musically, students can create their own unique sounds via iPads. Finally, students can appropriate cloud computing technology to write digital stories and turn them into apps that can be accessed through iOS mobile devices. 

3. Tablet Computing 

Tablet computers have become popular in the educational sector for numerous reasons, one of which is that students can easily transport them from one class to another. In fact, tablets are so functional that many educational institutions are thinking about having them replace personal laptops and computer labs. With tablets, students can choose their own apps to make the learning experience personal and effective. In the field of art, students earning Illustration degrees can utilize their iPads to create drawings that can subsequently be played as video. 

This type of creative activity is important and effective because it precipitates discussion and reflection about the process of drawing while also helping students to identify and contrast techniques for the purpose of skill improvement and refinement. In the science sector, tablets are currently being used to collect and subsequently share information regarding indigenous rocks. Additionally, geology majors can use their tablets to take photos. Within the field of journalism, professor Messner of Virginia Commonwealth University has given students access to iPads so that they can create news stories regarding events transpiring in their local communities. Additionally, graduate students from Vanderbilt University are creating Android apps which enable students that are visually impaired to learn math. 

4. Open Content

As many marketing experts know, the creation of great content is an incredibly effective way for businesses to advertise the goods and services they offer. However, open content is also positively applicable within the educational sector. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that open content is oftentimes a more efficacious and expedient form of learning material for students to utilize. Given that open content can be updated perpetually and almost instantaneously, its presence gives students an opportunity to utilize the most up-to-date information available on any subject under the sun. 

Summing It All Up 

As the year continues gaining momentum, technological advancements are positively contributing to our ability to lead productive, positive lives. In context of education, technological advancements such as cloud computing and open content have become efficacious mediums through which the educational process can be simplified and expedited. By utilizing these types of cutting edge technologies, students and educators can optimize their ability to learn and grow as thinking beings.

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Do I Need an MBA?

Do I need an MBA? Many students wonder whether a university diploma is enough or not. Truth is, studying is imperative. However, you need to focus and draw a plan. You cannot expect to climb to the top automatically. Our society is moving at a very fast speed, hence the need to learn new strategies, hints, tips, etc. Competition is increasing and unless you can deal with new media matters and so on, you may be left behind. No need to panic! A lot can be done to remain competitive. Keep reading to learn more. 

This is a classic question that many will make again and again from the moment they’ve decided to study an MBA. This may arise in different scenarios: an interview with potential sponsors, filling funding applications, even writing essays for scholarships, filling in front of their computer for college application forms and/or research not to mention meetings with teachers requesting a letter of recommendation. Some even wonder about such thing at family gatherings or when spending time with friends and classmates. However, being a question that is expected to be answered properly does not make it easier to answer. Their response is usually influenced by many diverse aspects: 

  • Personal
  • Economic situation
  • Professional
  • Family
  • Cultural
  • & more. 

Clear your mind

But do you really have a clear idea of what you want? Well, yes, what you want is to go for an MBA program, don’t you? If you like travelling, you can study an MBA abroad, and you may go for a program for 6 months in a different place, therefore, different culture, away from your family and friends, etc. You will be able to meet different people who are in the same situation, some finishing their program and others, just beginning. You will soon probably realize that it is not hard to deal with times when you will be missing your home, your people (and even things like food and a random rainy or sunny day!) 

Keep in mind

Remember that it is also very easy to get carried away by the thrill of being in a different place, meeting people with different cultures, customs and ways of thinking, and forgetting why you are where you are. If you decide to study abroad, you need to remain focused. Getting to know other people's experiences will show you how important it is to always be very clear and present the reasons why you start a project like this. Never forget that the results will always depend on your own effort. 

For instance, studying an MBA will help you deal with the competitive industry. You can get more benefits than you can imagine. Plus, it is not only a question in a questionnaire; it is the main foundation of success. 

Focus and establish your priorities

You may find times when you will have to work a little more, you will come across with new challenges and odds are, you will constantly need to be working on improving your skills. The knowledge to be acquired will last for a lifetime. The above is absolutely possible to do, especially if you are living your dream and if you have very clear and strong reasons for doing it! The best part is, you can even enjoy the process! 

How important it is to take time and reflect on your reasons for studying an MBA program? What do you think about the motivation that you need along the way?

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What to Do If You Fall In Love With Your Teacher

Are you in love with your teacher and you do not know how to actually behave? Follow these tips and learn how to act around him or her. 

You will need:

  • Discipline
  • Cordiality
  • Chivalry
  • Active Participation

To begin

Understand that demonstrating the love you have for your teacher is something that can bring problems. Overall, it is a fact that is not socially frowned upon and in doing so you risk being in everybody's mouth.


When she is dictating the class it is imperative to have good discipline. You must behave properly! In this way she will have a good concept and you'll earn points as a student and surely, you have sympathy for that.

When your teacher needs a favor or an errand, do it and offer to show your warmth. Raise your level of oral participation in class, either to show your skills or to help maintain order among your colleagues asking them to be silent when she speaks.

Do not forget

Always be willing to help. 

Bring out your gentleness with small everyday gestures. Open the door or run her chair to sit. You can accompany her to her car every day so she knows you best and see you're a real grown up person and not a little kid.


The relationship between students and teachers is supposed to be based on a set of rules whose meaning is respected and understood by both parties. But, in the age at which the body develops, the teen is going through a delicate period in which you experience the need to feel that he is someone, not just those closest to him. Teachers often assume the role of these other people. 


At the time that students seek their identity it is important that teachers are among a teacher you have more affinity with the rest. This can manifest in any teacher or tutor. This relationship becomes the student, troubled or not, who probably will want to please the teacher getting good grades in the subjects taught. 

Teacher Love 

The student falling for a teacher is somehow a very classic pattern. A smile, attention or a good grade is enough for the student to imagine an affair with one of the teachers. In the case of the adults, preferring the student in question can be situations of real danger. Your attitude should be impeccable and exemplary. 


The first difficulties in the student behavior usually appear during college. For a teenager it is almost vital to confront the adults and teachers, representing the authority; they become the ideal target to be pursued, especially those without an exaggerated way of power over students. In addition, adolescence in love may express aggressive attitudes. The period, in which the student interacts in a group, feels the need to be recognized by their peers and does not care if that entails having to be insolent or having to do crazy things. 

Have you ever loved your teacher? Are you willing to forget about your loved one just because you know it is not right? Share your own experiences to debate today! 

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The Real Risks of Texting During Class

We have seen that the world of "texting" has transcended social networks becoming cyber and the particular language in one common. Now, what are the implications for language? Truth is, many believe that texting during class is extremely bad. Students have the right to practice the vocabulary this way. Specialists believe that this form of language is a phenomenon that, many agree, is possible cause for concern or a red alert that puts the 'correct' language in danger of extinction. This is observable in some people who are already used to go for the abbreviations that apply to forms or documents for their constant use. 

This texting trend proposes a new role of spoken or written language. During class, they tend to abbreviate similar to that of "texting" as part of everyday life, shows that indeed the language in its instrumental function effectively used this time to meet the business needs to transmit customers a sense of equality of interest or knowledge level. It also shows how regulatory language, as it is a sign of control and empowerment of jargon and constructed within society. 

Making sense or not?

According to many, literacy is seen as a set of ways to use language and make sense of both in speech and in writing that are linked to world views and values are certain beliefs or social or cultural groups integrally connected with the identity or self-consciousness of the people who practice them. So is the "texting" as a literacy practice that represents a vision of the world we live in and a group of people who identify with this practice? Say yes. On the other hand, some perspectives address that this is all about the literacy of today, these are: the socio-cultural approach, someone behind the text, each community has its particular forms of literacy, language use varies over space and time and finally the meaning of the word originated in the community. It will continue to see this common practice associated with "texting" and increasingly between different areas of the population. 

While many aspects are at stake, officially "texting" is an example of literacy as part of our social practice, exercised by many and rejected by others. It is our language of the 21st century. 

A Role

Believe it or not, many do not agree at all that the use of texting is to impair language. The languages are not caught in time entities but evolve. Notice how each time to accept new words and grammar changes according to how it is changing in each language. Moreover, some believe that texting has a role, a reason. When you have little time and space, you can abbreviate what you say. If you did not have to send multiple messages, which would give more work, texting language type may be found on the label of a commodity. This shows how the market appropriates a form of language that is not yours; you are not entitled to establish a link with the potential consumer. For instance, the store where you saw that label is directed toward a portion of the population that knows how to "read" this particular form of language. Do not try texting during class, though. You need to pay attention. Language is the key just as knowledge. Get ready to venture onto grammar and the top spelling corrections ever!

Do you believe texting during class is bad? Which are your thoughts about texting aspects? Share your beliefs now!

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Cheating on a Test, Will I Get Into Trouble?

When thinking about cheating on a test, you should better be careful. Below you will find many aspects that will definitely make you change your mind.

  • If a teacher catches you, your score will be low. 
  • Teachers will lose confidence.
  • You can be suspended (in some schools)
  • Professors may call your parents.
  • Stay on your record
  • You will spend an embarrassing and bad time. 
  • Demonstrate that you are not able of doing things on your own. 
  • You will see that it was not worth it.
  • Your parents may become annoyed and disturbed.


If they catch you when you are cheating, the teacher has every right to grade you with a zero. Moreover, if they do not see you, your text may appear very similar to other partner so the same may apply. This is not good since you will not learn at all, and, in the future, you might not know about the subject you took the test on. You do not want your concept and/ or profile to fall so remain focused and responsible. 


For instance, stealing is something that generally should not be done, but if done out of necessity and without causing the same problem to someone else, anyone without such a need should come to value. Which means, if a person needs a fake $10 note to a bank to eat that week, some believe there is no problem, you should try not to, but the only hurt is a giant whose $10 will mean nothing. This is what many believe. Those who like cheating on a test should think it twice. However, it always depends. Some experts believe that to copy is not a good tactic or a good habit, but it cannot hurt you to do it just once. What is really ridiculous, sad, and shameful is that some people do not care about knowledge; they just want to pass the exam

Coward or not

Some think that cheating on a test is an act of cowardice for not knowing how to face the consequences of their action. Do not forget that if you are caught copying, expulsion proceedings may occur. 


If a specific topic appears to be difficult, try to work on it. Ask for help and remove your doubts before the exam. In some subjects, you cannot really copy, so it is always up to you.

According to many studies, cheating in the early grades can be interesting and exciting for many. When growing older, you should definitely learn about the subject or else you will regret. Punishments can be annoying and can harm you a lot. There should always be a tactic to learn in advance. A good planning system along with the proper organization will lead you to good results. Get rid of doubts and focus your energy the way you are supposed to.

Are you looking for cheating methods? Do you believe cheating is bad? Share your comments and do not hesitate to express your own beliefs. 

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How to Party and Still Get Good Grades in College

Often teenagers are pressured by their parents and family to get good grades in school. The first question parents ask is: how are your grades going? But getting good grades in all subjects is not so easy. You have different teachers with different teaching methods and that each works as if that one was the only subject taught in school. Some teachers tend to assign research and complicated tasks, involving much time and concentration. If you like to party this can become a problem. However, you might want to consider the following tips:

  • Organize yourself.
  • Study in advance.
  • Choose one day to party hard.
  • Find a balance.
  • Work on your flaws.

We all need to socialize; however, balance is the key. As long as you remain focused and responsible, everything will go fine. 

Odds are, when you were younger your grades were excellent, why have you changed? Maybe your grades are low. Now you have more friends before they just were classmates. Many believe school days should be simpler and more practical and focus on topics that are useful in our daily lives and future work activities. Yet, you can always find a way to have fun, too! 

Sometimes, you may be forced to work on a worthless project. Yet, in the long run, this will help a lot. While you may not hear about a specific subject ever again, knowledge is always good. If you like to party, do not leave such matter aside. Try to remove doubts so you are ready on the day of the test. You do not want to go to school with a terrible hangover the next day.  Start by being responsible and work on your bad habits. Before you know it you will be living the life of your dreams.

It is all about general knowledge! Go for the optimal combination. Breaks are always important; even networking will help you grow as a professional, too. How about choosing Friday or Saturday to go out? If you miss out a party, it is not the end of the world.


Fun classes can help avoid bad grades. If students are focused and enjoying classes, everything will go smooth. The good news is that this combination of teaching resources and further analysis with the student has other advantages and opens new opportunities; it is also a way to prepare students for the new readings that will offer TV, Internet or multimedia with which they find more and more in this information society. Thus, composing a rich media strategy for a class, teaching multiple resources - that is, with "multimedia", specially chosen to encourage diversity, different languages and codes added to the class, and reflecting with students on these issues, is also a way to help them develop new reading skills that require them this time. This will definitely lead to fantastic grades. Remember, the right balance will help you increase your grades. You will still be able to have fun. 

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The Development of Globally Minded Students

A necessity of the twenty-first century is the development of individuals with a global mindset. A globally minded individual is one that understands and views the world as an integrated entity with opportunities for all people to contribute and thrive in. This type of individual seeks innovation, strong cohesiveness between nations, and abhors closed borders for goods, services, and communication. YCIS seeks to create these individuals through embedding international perspectives into curricular activities. Additionally, by being an international school, it allows students with different cultural backgrounds to develop the ability to successfully respond and communicate in both Eastern and Western styles.

But why does the twenty-first century need globally minded students? Globally minded individuals are considered top tier human capital due to their awareness of how globalization is impacting economics, culture and the environment. This is important as we have seen the economic impact and the long term effects of the global financial crisis. If more people had understood the interdependence between the commodity and financial markets of the different nations, the financial crisis could have been potentially mitigated due to the understanding of the tightknit markets. By enforcing the basic understandings of globalization at a young age, it encourages students to think outside the box with how the world operates in the areas of both economics and communication. Communicating across borders also requires a certain degree of cultural understanding and interpretation. 

The cultural learning that occurs within an international school is one that helps encourage some of the best social skill developments possible. Respect, which is converted directly into manners, develops highly in global minded students, as they experience the many different ways of showing respect within different cultures. And by experiencing different cultures and languages they also develop above average problem solving skills, which results in a high degree of cultural understanding and openness. By having impressive social conduct and presence, these children are giving off positive impressions, which will help them in all aspects of their life as they grow. Additionally when students become professionals, they have the type of cultural sensitivity and respect that many employers seek for high grade positions within any international company.

As globally minded students focus on the development of economic integration and the efficient interaction between cultures, environmental integrity is brought into question. Globalization has resulted in increased economic activity, but has also meant an important change in the way people and firms think about the environment. Before, society viewed environmental change as a national issue, however as globalization began to occur nations became more aware of how their carbon foot-print affects not only their own country, but other countries as well. From the cohesion between nations, environmental problems are becoming the subject of major international efforts because of the overwhelming support for mitigation and solutions to these problems.

In conclusion, the twenty-first century needs more globally minded students to help ensure that the world’s economic, cultural and environmental capacities continue to improve. As many Western and Eastern schools are looking to increase their offering of language and world knowledge courses, the international schools of the world have a huge advantage. Not only do international schools, like YCIS, incorporate international awareness and intelligence into curricular activities, they also offer a completely diverse school environment. This diverse environment allows students to learn by hand-on-experience through interacting and engaging with people from all different cultural backgrounds. In a world that demands people with increased global mindset for its future, YCIS is providing an ideal opportunity for students to experience, grow and achieve. To learn more about YCIS Shanghai as a leading International school click here.

About Author: Derek Kemp is an International Masters student from British Columbia that has been travelling the world learning from various styles of International Education and currently resides in Beijing, China.

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How to Celebrate Independence Day: Advice for Students

How we loved all sorts of holidays when we were kids! However, as we grow older, everything changes. Yet, when it comes to an Independence Day, everyone understands the importance. While some prefer to go out and drink, others stay at home with family and friends. If you want to feel great, here are some tips to enjoy the holidays, no matter the circumstances.

Forget that this is just once a year. This is not a big deal, and you if you are feeling frustrated, you can try hiding this a little so that everything goes well. And, whatever happens ... remember, that all you want is to have fun!

Celebrate no matter your routine

If you happen to be working, consider a preliminary office party! Odds are, you don’t really think that these two words are actually compatible, do you? Without being really opposites, many believe they don’t go well. However, don’t limit yourself. If you are done with school, at least for the day, and  you need to work for a few hours, get ready for the night! You can always go to see the fireworks. Remember that this day is to be taken seriously. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you cannot have a little fun. Even if you want to have fun with your mates, do not forget that you need to be responsible! It goes beyond appearances.

Arts and cultural activities

How about booking online tickets for a musical, for a concert, a play, or even for a show that you know you will enjoy? This is always great, especially since Independence Day is linked to important history of your country.

Many options

Do you have a low budget right now and cannot buy gifts? Do not worry! You are not really supposed to buy gifts this day. You should just give a portion of your talent and your willingness. How about computer lessons to your father who needs to move onto the next technological level? It is all about freedom of choice! Becoming independent and being loyal.

Believe it or not, when holidays come along, some individuals fear the same exact question: "And what am I supposed to do on Independence Day Eve?" It is as if they had the obligation to have a great plan for that specific night, just as for Christmas, and if they don’t, they have the unpleasant feeling of being out of play. This is totally wrong so… Stop! There is no real reason to undergo this stress! Enjoy your day and go with the flow.

The perfect getaway

This may be the perfect day for a getaway. How about disappearing and exploring what is out there? Go out so you can discover a city you do not know but try choosing a spot that is not far away - you don’t want to get lost. Book a fancy hotel and participate in an organized Independence Day event with someone new!

Stay home

You can stay quietly at home and prepare a marathon of your favorite series. How about ordering some food in a good company?

As you can see there are many options, it is always up to your tastes and preferences so just go for it. Plan a different and marvelous Independence Day! Those who once battled for the country would be proud. 

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Lack Of College Counseling Continues To Hurt High School Students

As of late, many students have seen their chances of admission into the top universities decrease heavily. It hasn’t been because of lower grades or lower SAT/ACT scores, but rather because the guidance has just not been there.

With budget cuts continuously increasing across the nation, more public schools are facing college-counseling struggles than ever before. Many schools have 1 counselor for 700 students, which has hit record highs for the gap between the two sides.

Don’t Worry, There Is A Solution

Thankfully, many companies have decided to leverage technology to help students through this difficult time. is an online platform that takes the role of a counselor to help students with college admissions for FREE.

The initiative taken by startups such as these have been crucial to help students make it into college. College admissions are only getting more and more competitive each year while the amount of resources and help available are shrinking.

StatFuse makes the transition from real life counselor to online counselor almost seamless with their platform. Students can calculate their chances of admission, discover colleges, find the right college for them, and even improve their chances of getting accepted for FREE through this website. 

The Schools Can Only Do So Much 

While many parents have been stressed and upset with the local schools, others have come to realize that the schools are not at fault. The schools are doing their best to provide the utmost resources available to parents and students to help them with college, but it’s still lacking in many areas.

As enrollment continues to increase in schools, student to teacher ratios continue to increase in classrooms, and the number of counselors continue to decrease… might be a great time for parents to start finding alternative solutions to the high school. 

High schools play a crucial role in transitioning a student from high school to college, but that may not be the case anymore. High schools may only have the goal of simply educating students and partnering up with outside organizations that can take control of those services. 

The Strategy

Regardless of what the situation at your high school may be, it is always recommended to find outside help with college admissions. Rightfully so, college admissions are very important to parents.

While parents can’t do much besides complaining to the state for more college counselors, they can do other things to help solve the problem temporarily. Many high schools are looking for volunteers to help organize and set up financial aid workshops, college planning workshops, and scholarship seminars. 

With the help of parents and high schools, counselors may not have to be the only way for students to get help. Outside organizations, community centers, local libraries, and others are willing to chip in to help solve the problem until the state government can. 

If you are a parent at a high school and want to help out, see what initiatives your school administration is taking to solve this problem. Being an active part of the solution, using resources like StatFuse, and continuing to be involved with your students lives are all ways to get through this issue. 

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