Top Job Interview Questions and Answers

Pacing back and forth because you’re nervous for your job interview? They have liked your application and want to see more of you? Take some time and sit down to read and prepare yourself for the questions and answers that will be asked at the interview. 

Introduce yourself

It is very important that you are relaxed, this will be the first impression your future boss will have of you. Smile, breathe, and relax. Structure what you’re saying, don’t jump from one thing to another just because you ramble when you are nervous. Mention hobbies that have to do with the job you’re applying for if you have any. Take it slow and easy and show them who you are. Don’t try to be someone they are looking for, you want them to know you are the best candidate for a position.

Why would we hire you?

Well, this is your chance to show off. Be confident, but not too much. Compare the job description with your skills. Tell them why you think you should get the job you are applying for, don’t forget to mention any experience you have in the field. Show your interest in this job, make sure they know you want this job. 

What is your greatest weakness and strength?

This is a rather tricky question. You are forced to say something bad about yourself. So, this is where you turn the negative into the positive. Discussing your strengths is easier than discussing your weaknesses. Describe the skills that are directly related to the job you are applying for. Focus on your abilities that you will need when you get the desired position.

Do you handle stress and pressure well, and how?

This is a typical question. You want to show you can still do well even when you are under pressure. Let them know you are responsible enough to prioritize what needs to be done first and why. Know what you are doing, and let your future boss see that you know what you are doing. Give examples of situations where you were stressed out and be able to explain how you dealt with it. This way they can also see who they are dealing with. They might also give you a situation and ask you how you would deal with it. Be prepared and think before you reply.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

Ambitions are important and tell a lot about who you are. But be careful not to be carried away here. When speaking about your personal development, for example, make sure you don’t accidentally say that the position you’re applying for is really just a stepping stone as you move on to bigger and better things. If you have advancement in mind, be sure to let them know you want to advance within their company, and not away from it.

To summarize – be yourself, speak frankly, ask questions, show interest – and it doesn’t hurt to smile. It’s almost like going on a first date.

What is the most difficult question you have ever been asked at a job interview? What was your answer? Have you eventually got the job? Please, go ahead and share your stories.

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