What International Students Should Know About the English Test

If you are an international student or if English is just not your first language, then you might need to do an English test before you get accepted to a university or college. There are different kinds of English tests whereby you will need to do a speaking, writing and listening test. This can usually take up to 3 or 4 hours, so make sure you come prepared to the test and well rested.

The speaking test

The speaking test usually lasts 10 to 15 minutes and it is expected of you to be able to talk about any subject. Sometimes this can be quite nerve-racking so it is suggested to practise with friends before taking the test because practising your English speaking skills will not only improve your English but will also make the oral exam a less terrifying experience and hopefully you’ll be more relaxed.

The writing test

With the majority of English tests you will be expected to write with pen and paper. The writing test may take up 1 hour of your time. It is recommended that you read lots of English texts prior to the exam and not to rush it. Read the text carefully and then begin your task. This could be summarising the text, answering questions about the text etc.

The listening test

Listening is often, next to speaking, the most difficult part of the English test. Listening usually takes 45 minutes where you will not have any break. For listening the best piece of advice is to listen to English music or English movies. If you live in a northern European country whereby all TV programs are already in English (they usually have subtitles in their own language and are therefore still hearing the English language) then you should continue to do that. For those that do not have English TV programs (like Spain, or Germany where everything is synchronised) it is recommended to watch movies or series in English intensively prior to taking the test. If there is nothing on the TV then you can also find lots of English speaking video’s online.

The results

The results however can be presented by the institution as a hard copy or you can also view them electronically. With most English tests, it may take up a few weeks until you are able to view your results. If you wish to see them in less than a week, then take the Pearson PTE test as they are the only test provider who publishes the results within 5 working days.

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